Sociology Mentorship Program


Program History and Goals:

The Sociology Mentorship Program was created in 2010/2011, by then grad student Kerry Watts. It was designed to create opportunities for students to share academic and professional knowledge and develop new social connections.

Program Aims:

The Sociology Mentorship Program aims to match third and fourth year undergraduate students with current sociology graduate students, new teaching assistants with experienced teaching assistants, and junior graduate students with senior graduate students.

Application Process:

All third and fourth year sociology undergraduate students and sociology graduate students are welcome to apply. Applications are due September 30, 2017.

  • Applications are received via email to:

Application emails should include:

  1. Your year of study
  2. Research Interests
  3. A brief description of how this program will help you

Topics for Undergraduate and Graduate Mentorship

Partnerships between undergraduate and graduate sociology students are designed to help with:

  • Undergraduate honours thesis
  • Student conference presentations
  • Publication submissions (e.g.: Sojourners)
  • Becoming a research assistant
  • Grad school applications
  • Course selection
  • School-life balance

Topics for New Teaching Assistant and Experienced Teaching Assistant Mentorship:

Partnerships between new teaching assistants and experienced teaching assistants are designed to help with:

  • Public speaking
  • Teaching techniques
  • How to interact with students
  • How to communicate with professors
  • How to manage your workload

Topics for Junior Graduate Students and Senior Graduate Student Mentorship:

Partnerships between junior graduate students and senior graduate students are designed to help with:

  • Publishing
  • Conference presentations
  • Professional networking
  • Time management
  • School-life balance
  • Research assistantships
  • Comprehensive exam writing
  • Dissertation proposals
  • Job market preparation


Nicole Malette

Sociology Mentorship Program Chair