Honours Program Timeline and Resources

Steps to Apply:

Students who would like to pursue an Honours degree in Sociology should complete the following steps prior to their final year of study.

  1. Calculate your GPA using the Honours Application form.
  2. If you meet the GPA requirements for the Honours program, find a full-time faculty member in the Department of Sociology who is willing to serve as your Honours Thesis Supervisor.
  3. Prepare a thesis proposal in consultation with your Honours Thesis Supervisor.
  4. Submit an Honours application package to the undergraduate advisor in the Department of Sociology by August 1st (or earlier). Your package must include: a completed Honours application form, a completed Honours Thesis Supervisor form and hard copies of the thesis proposal and proposed reading list for the thesis project.
  5. You will be contacted directly by the undergraduate advisor once your application is approved.

Once Accepted:

  1. As soon as your Honours application is approved you will be registered into SOCI 449 (6) Honours Tutorial by the undergraduate advisor. Please make sure that you leave enough credit space to be registered in SOCI 449.
  2. The departmental deadline for submitting the thesis to your Honours Thesis Supervisor is March 30th.
  3. Once your thesis has been graded, the final grade/percentage will be reported by your Honours Thesis Supervisor to the undergraduate advisor and then entered into the SSC.
  4. Please send an electronic copy of the final version of your thesis to ugrad@ubc.ca. Your thesis will be archived in the department. You may also wish to submit your thesis to cIRcle UBC.

Guidelines for Sociology 449

Students enrolled in the Sociology Honours program must complete a Sociology Honours Thesis. Although its length will vary with topic and research mode, normally this essay will be between 50 and 80 pages. It is expected to contain a measure of originality and to make a contribution to the field. The essay should be a focused piece of scholarship while at the same time demonstrating general knowledge of a sociological area.

The proposal should include a 2-3 page statement of the essay’s topic and objectives, a working bibliography, and a timetable. Prospective students are encouraged to begin discussion of this project with their Honours Thesis Supervisor several months ahead of this deadline.

Students will meet on a regular basis with their Honours Thesis Supervisor to discuss progress on their essay. It is recommended that students submit sections or chapters of their essay for feedback from their supervisor as the course progresses.

The deadline for submission of the final thesis to your Honours Thesis Supervisor is March 30th.



Sociology Honours Program Application Form

Sociology Honours Program Thesis Supervisor Form