Honours in Sociology

Outstanding students registered in the third year of the Sociology major program may apply for admission to the Honours program for their fourth year. A standing of 75% or better in SOCI 100, a minimum overall average of 68% or better in all 200-level courses, an average of 80% or better in all 300- and 400-level Sociology courses and an overall average of 75% or better in all 300- and 400-level courses are required for admission to the Honours program.

In preparation for the fourth year of study in the Honours program, students are encouraged to arrange for an Honours thesis supervisor by the end of the third year or during the summer preceding the fourth year. The formal application process normally occurs prior to the beginning of the fourth year.

*Important Notice regarding Undergraduate Registration as of September 2016:

*SOCI 100 (6), SOCI 101 (3) and SOCI 102 (3) have formally replaced SOCI 100C (6), SOCI 100A (3) and SOCI 100B (3), respectively.

*SOCI 370 (6) Sociological Theories: Classical and Contemporary Approaches, SOCI 371 (3) Classical Traditions in Theory and SOCI 372 (3) Contemporary Directions in Theory have formally replaced SOCI 350C, SOCI 350A and SOCI 350B, respectively.

For more information please refer to the “SOCI Curriculum Overview.”

The Honours in Sociology program requires that students complete:

  • 6 credits of introductory sociology (either SOCI 100 or both of SOCI 101 and SOCI 102)
  • 3 credits of SOCI 217 Research Methods
  • 3 additional credits of 200-level sociology
  • 3 credits of SOCI 310 Canadian Society
  • 3 credits of SOCI 328 Social Statistics I
  • 3 credits of classical sociological theory (from SOCI 370 or SOCI 371)
  • 3 credits of contemporary sociological theory (from SOCI 370, SOCI 372, SOCI 414, SOCI 415, SOCI 416 or SOCI 469)
  • 3 credits of advanced research methods (from SOCI 380, SOCI 381, SOCI 382 or SOCI 383)
  • 6 credits of SOCI 449 Honours Tutorial
  • 27 additional credits of 300- and 400-level sociology, of which at least 6 credits must be at the 400-level
  • at least 6 additional 300- and 400-level credits from another discipline
Note: Please see the undergraduate advisor to clarify your program requirements, especially if one of the following pertains to you:
  1. You have sociology transfer credits, or
  2. You have completed an introductory statistics course other than SOCI 328.

Students who would like to pursue an Honours degree in sociology should start planning during the summer before their fourth year.

We have attached an Honors Credit Worksheet for you to help work out your requirements for your honours program