The Department of Sociology at UBC is a research powerhouse by any measure.

It is involved in a wide scope of research examining  areas such gender and sexuality, ethnicity, family and life course, environments, knowledge, and health and healthcare.  Our faculty and graduate students are dedicated to theoretically strong and empirically orientated research representing our commitment to excellent scholarship. Their work is frequently published in academic journals such as: American Sociological Review; American Journal of Sociology; Canadian Journal of Sociology; Canadian Review of Sociology; Demography; Family Relations; Gender & Society; International Migration Review; Law and Society Review; Journal of Marriage & Family; Social & Legal Studies; Social Forces; Social Problems; Social Psychology Quarterly; Social Science & Medicine; Sociological Theory; Sociology of Health and Illness; Theory & Society; Theory, Culture & Society; Urban Studies; and Work & Occupations.

Faculty member books have also been published by a variety of academic presses, including: Chicago, Cornell, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, Toronto and UBC, among many others.

Recently Profs. Amin Ghaziani and Beth Hirsh have been appointed as Canada Research Chairs. The CRC program invests $265 million per year to attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished scholars. The initiative is part of a national strategy to make Canada one of the world’s top countries in research excellence. Prof. Ghaziani is the CRC in Sexuality and Urban Studies, and Prof. Hirsh is the CRC is Law and Inequality.

Profs. Rima Wilkes and Wendy Roth have each received 2016 UBC Killam Research Awards. Prof. Roth received a Killam Research Fellowship (Junior Category) enabling her to pursue full-time research during a study leave, and Prof. Wilkes received a Killam Research Prize (Senior Category), recognizing her outstanding research and scholarly contributions.

Faculty research is loosely organized around a set of core research streams supported at UBC.  Full descriptions of these streams can be found by following the link to the left.