Research Interests

Urban sociology/political economy, culture, classical and contemporary social theory

Current Research

My research is motivated by questions concerning the relationship between class, culture, and urban space within capitalist societies. Specifically, my past and current projects have focused on the processes of neighborhood change and gentrification, as well as the emergence of new models of urban development within Canadian cities in the early 21st century.

For my dissertation I am working on a comparative study of mixed-use luxury condo developments in Vancouver and Toronto. The overarching question of this study asks:What is the relationship between urban change, new models of housing development (such as the Vancouverism school of planning) and social and political ethics in cities that are experiencing high levels of growth and capital investment in the inner core?

Before this, my MA thesis at the University of Toronto focused on the relationship between food, elite consumption, and gentrification. The findings have been published in the journals City & Community and Contexts.

Supervisor: Dr. Amy Hanser

Hyde, Zachary. 2014. “Omnivorous Gentrification: Restaurant Reviews and Neighborhood Change in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.” City and Community 13(4): 341-359.

Hanser, Amy and Zachary Hyde. 2014. “Foodies Remaking Cities.” Contexts 13(3): 44-49.

Gross, Neil and Zachary Hyde. Forthcoming. “Norms as Mental Imagery.” in C. Benzecry, I.A. Reed and M. Krause (eds.) Social Theory Now Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


TA for SOCI 361A 001- Social Inequality

TA for Soci 100 – Intro to Sociology (Fall/Winter 2013-2014)

TA for Soci 361 – Social Inequality (Fall 2014)

TA for Soci 350 – Social Theory (Fall/Winter 2014-2015)