Research Interests

My research interests include social networks analysis, environmental sociology, GIS (Geographic Information System), and school gardens.

Social networks analysis is a framework that has taken hold in many fields over the past several decades on social capital and civic engagement. Research in this area takes an inherently relational perspective, evidencing a number of significant outcomes in health, career success, and environmental activism that occur because of our social connections. Processes of social influence and diffusion are of particular interest in the spread of innovations within networks and across spatial distances, and it is precisely these factors that are at the core of my interest in school gardens. My research will focus on the role of school garden programs in promoting environmental and civic engagement among members of the public. specifically, I plan to track the social and spatial spread of environmental knowledge, values and behaviours within communities.


My past works include an examination of the resources and connections among environmental and non-environmental international social movement organizations and a qualitative analysis of the challenges that domestic abuse survivors encounter in accessing support services in Toronto. Additionally, I worked as a research assistant to Dr. Daniel Silver at the University of Toronto for his study comparing public art programs in major cities across the globe.


Supervisor Name: Dr. David B. Tindall

Teaching Assistantships

SOCI 100 H5F – Introduction to Sociology, University of Toronto

SOCI 102 – Introduction to Sociology, University of British Columbia


2017    M.A., Sociology, University of Toronto

2016   B.A., (Honors), University of Toronto



Four-year Phd Scholarship (2017), University of British Columbia

R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellowship (2017), University of British Columbia

Outstanding Admissions Application (2016), University of Toronto

Harris Rosen Book Prize in Sociology (2016), University of Toronto

Rex A. Lucas Memorial Scholarship in Social Sciences (2015), University of Toronto

New College Council In-Course Scholarship (2015), University of Toronto