Research Interests

Sociology of knowledge, science and technology studies, culture, boundary work, qualitative methods, gender.

Current Research

Social research is a relatively new subject for social scientists who study knowledge making—core sciences like physics and biology have been much more popular, in spite of the effort social scientists have put into legitimating their work as “science.” My research involves investigating the reporting practices of certain immersive nonfiction writers whose work bears uncanny resemblance to the increasingly formalized academic practices of qualitative research (Katherine Boo and Ted Conover are a couple examples). Viewing immersive journalism as a form of social research, my work aims to reflect light on the contentious boundary between social science and non-science, accentuating certain cultural contingencies that influence social knowledge “in the making.” What kinds of cultural tools do journalists use to grapple with the unwieldy off-campus world?

Supervisor: Dr. Neil Gross

TA for SOCI 240A 001- Introduction to Social Interaction