Areas of Special Interest

Critical criminology, social movements, genocide, mediation and restorative justice, deliberative democracy, long-term group interaction.

Recent Publications

R.S. Ratner and Andrew Woolford, 2008, “Mesomobilization and Fragile Coalitions: Aboriginal Politics and Treaty Making in British Columbia,” Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change, 28:113-136.

R.S. Ratner, 2008, “Communicative Rationality in the Citizens’ Assembly and Referendumn Processes,” pp.145-165, in Designing Deliberative Democracy: The British Columbia Citizens’ Assembly, (eds.) Mark Warren and Hilary Pearse, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K.

Andrew Woolford and R.S. Ratner, 2009, “Mediation Frames/Justice Games”, pp.315-327, in A Handbook of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, (eds.) Sean Byrne, Dennis J.D. Sandole, Ingrid Sandole-Staroste, and Jessica Senehi, Routledge, London and New York.

Andrew Woolford and R.S. Ratner, 2008, Informal Reckonings: Conflict Resolution in Mediation, Restorative Justice and Reparations, Routledge-Cavendish Press, U.K.

William K. Carroll and R.S. Ratner, 2007, “Ambivalent Allies: Social Democratic Regimes and Social Movements,” BC Studies,154:41-66.

R.S. Ratner, 2006, “Pioneering Critical Criminology in Canada,” Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 48, 5:647-662.

William K. Carroll and R.S. Ratner, (eds.), 2005, Challenges and Perils: Social Democracy in Neoliberal Times, Fernwood Books.


Ph.D,1968, Yale University
M.A., 1963, Yale University
B.A., 1959, Columbia University (King’s College)