Research Topics

Sociology of Education, Inequality, Mental Health, At-Risk Youth

Research Interests

Colleges and universities across North America are struggling to address their students’ mental health problems. Amidst increasing enrollments large proportions of students exhibit significant mental health symptoms but do not participate in on-campus mental health programing. Effectively addressing students’ mental health problems requires understanding not only student-specific factors, but also the institutional contexts influencing student outcomes and treatment use.

My dissertation research consists of a multilevel analysis of how post-secondary institutional context impacts individual student’s mental health. I evaluate 1) the extent to which undergraduate students’ mental health outcomes and service utilization are directly impacted by institutional contexts; and 2) how these institutional contexts buffer or exacerbate mental health inequalities across gender, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status (SES) background.


 Supervisor: Dr. Neil Guppy



Malette, Nicole, Emily Truong-Cheung and Wendy Roth (under review) “Too Asian?’: Differences in International and Domestic University Student Campus Participation”.

Malette, Nicole. (2017) “Forms of Fighting: A Micro-Social Analysis of Bullying and In-School Violence”. Canadian Journal of Education. Vol 40. No 1.

Guppy Neil, Kerry Greer, Nicole Malette and Krystin Frank (2017) “The Future Lives of Sociology Graduates” Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue Canadianne de Sociologie. Vol 54. No. 1 237-252

Book Chapters

Nicole Malette and Guppy, Neil. (2016) “Educational Attainment among Canadians: Open and Competitive or Closed and Sponsored?” In Ed Grabb, Monica Hwang, and Jeffrey Reitz (Eds.), Social Inequality in Canada, Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press.

Book Reviews

Malette, Nicole (2014). Review of Childhoods in Context, Edited by Alison Clark, Clifton, Bristol: The Policy Press, The Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 45(4): 581-582.

Public Sociology

Nicole Malette (2015). “Successful Strategies for Sociology: An Undergraduate Guide to Navigating Sociological Research and Writing”.

Malette, Nicole (2014). “What Is Bullying And What Is Not?” Op-ed in The Georgia Straight Newspaper (March 28, 2014):

Winter 2018
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Instructor for Sociology 310: Canadian Society

TA Training Coordinator, Department of Sociology, UBC 2016-2017

Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, UBC (SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology, SOCI 310 Canadian Society, SOCI 361 Social Inequality, SOCI 250 Crime and Society)

Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, McMaster University (Sociology 1A06 Introduction to Sociology, Sociology 2P06 Sociology of Education)




Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology, The University of British Columbia, 2013-Present

M.A., Sociology, McMaster University, 2013

B.A. Honors, Sociology, McMaster University, 2009

International Student Exchange, University of Strathclyde, 2007