Research Interests

Immigration, Migration, Race and Ethnicity, Identity, Organizations, Qualitative Methods

Current Research

As we increasingly live in an interconnected world, people who migrate and settle in a new country have the option to maintain their ties to their country of origin while incorporating into their country of destination.  My research examines the connections individuals have to Canada and their ancestral homeland.  How do we come to integrate into Canadian society within a multicultural context?  I compare participants in four ethnically based organizations and examine how these individuals develop identities, social ties, and transnational practices within these organizations.  Using interviews and participant observations, my work unpacks the complex and continuous process of settlement in the Canadian context.


Peer Reviewed Journals

Ho, Mabel and Harald Bauder. (2012). “‘We are Chameleons’: Identity Capital in a Multicultural Workplace”.  Social Identities 18(3): 281-297.


Book Chapters

Ho, Mabel and Catherine Corrigall-Brown.  (Forthcoming 2016) . “Regional Inequality in Canada: An Enduring Issue?” Chapter 20 in Edward Grabb, Jeffrey G. Reitz, and Monica Hwang (eds.), Social Inequality in Canada: Dimensions of Disadvantage, 6th ed., Oxford University Press

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine and Mabel Ho.  (2015). “How the State Shapes Social Movements: An Examination of the Environmental Movement in Canada” in Protest and Politics: The Promise of Social Movement Societies.  Edited by Howard Ramos and Kathleen Rodgers. UBC Press: Vancouver, BC.

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine and Mabel Ho.  (2013). “Life History Research and Social Movements” in The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements.  Edited by David A. Snow, Donatella Della Porta, Bert Klandermans, and Doug McAdam. Wiley/Blackwell: Oxford.


Public Sociology

Ho, Mabel.  “Who is part of Canada’s cultural mosaic?”. (2015). The Georgia Straight.  Nov 23.

Ho, Mabel and Valerie Berseth.  “It’s 2015.  Does representation matter?”.(2015).  Inside Belleville.  Nov 10.


Other Publications

Ho, Mabel and Harald Bauder. (2010). “‘We are Chameleons’: Identity Capital in a Multicultural Workplace”.  Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement: CERIS Working Paper Series.  No 77.


At UBC, I facilitate the internationally recognized Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW) at the Centre for Learning, Teaching, and Technology.  I have also co-instructed an Introduction to Sociology course.


Teaching Assistant Experience

I have been a teaching assistant for a range of different sociology course at the University of Western Ontario and Ryerson University including:

  • Social Change
  • Social Construction of Gender
  • International Migration in a Globalized World
  • Introduction to Crime and Justice