Research Interests

Organizational Sociology, Economic Sociology, Work, New Institutionalism, Mixed Methods, Gender, Public Sociology.

Current Research

I am interested in how and why individuals behave within work organizations, and how institutions within these organizations shape and are in turn shaped by workers. What internal and external cultural factors affect how individuals take up or revise organizational institutions? 

Using risk-taking in the finance sector as a point of entry, my current work explores how individuals understand and navigate risk when it is a necessary part of the job. Do organizational cultural norms align or diverge from official policy towards risk? Do social dynamics on-the-ground affect individual assessment of risk-taking behaviours in work settings? How do broader cultural norms around gender shape behaviour towards risk? To assess these questions, I have performed over 50 face-to-face interviews with finance professionals located in Boston and New York. This qualitative work explores these issues in an inductive way, which has allowed for a nuanced understanding of the organizational cultures of finance firms. The quantitative portion of my dissertation makes use of both Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission data, to match and evaluate what (if any) effect the occupational sex composition of professionals within finance firms has on risk outcomes. 

My previous work explored similar issues, by operationalizing risk as unsafe work behaviours which resulted in occupational health and safety (OHS) incidents. This work culminated in OHS policy recommendations and guidelines in similar work settings.

Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Hirsh

Hirsh, Elizabeth, Hollingdale, Hazel, Stecy-Hildebrandt, Natasha. (2013). “Gender inequality in the workplace,” in Deborah M. Figart and Tonia L. Warnecke, Eds. Research Handbook on Gender and Economic Life, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

Hollingdale, Hazel (2010). “Safety Compliance & Gender: Initiatives and Development Guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety Policy in Male Dominated Sectors”. Worksafe BC.

TA for SOCI 100A 002- Introduction to Sociology
TA for SOCI 302A 003- Racial and Ethnic Inequality