Research Topics

Intersections of gender, sexuality, racialization and class;
Processes of immigration and settlement in Canada;
Gender, racialization, work and trade unions.

Current Research Activities

“The New African Diaspora in Vancouver: Migration, Exclusion and Belonging”, examines gendered differences in experiences of resettlement, including persistent marginalization and exclusion alongside diverse community building practices, among African immigrants and refugees in metro Vancouver (funded by SSHRC).

“African Immigrant Youth: Challenges Facing Teen Migrants”, in collaboration with Umoja Operation Compassion Society/African Family Services, the project addresses the challenges, needs, and strategies developed by youth who migrate during their teen years (funded by Metropolis).

“Growing up African-Canadian in Metro Vancouver: Child Migrants Negotiate Adulthood”, a new project that will investigate the longer term integration and community building among the 2nd generation in the new African diaspora (funded by SSHRC).


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Winter 2018
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Teaching Areas

Canadian Society; Feminist Research Methods; Gender and Society; Immigration and Racialization; Social Inequality


Ph.D. Carleton University, 1986