One of my longstanding areas of interest concerns the association between social class and health. Patrick John Burnett and I recently applied Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of symbolic power to health-related factors in Toronto and Vancouver, identifying six class groupings and a range of aesthetic tastes and dispositions in the Canadian field of power that illuminate some of the logic of health practices dispersed in the field. Baekgeun Jeong and I have recently completed a study on the health effects of the intergenerational transmission of capitals from parents to children in South Korea.


I have also contributed to the small literature on racial health inequalities in Canada. Several years ago I completed a study on the health effects of incongruities between the racial identities people express to others and the racial identities they believe that others believe them to be, as well as the health effects of colourism, discrimination targeted at relatively darker skinned people of colour. Other research concerns intersectional investigation of the degree to which racial health inequalities are inherently gendered and classed. I have most recently examined correspondences between multiracial identities and health.


A side interest concerns the class bases of cultural phenomena such as musical tastes and sporting knowledge and participation. In particular, I have endeavoured to contribute to the debate regarding the relative merits of the homology approach (specific cultural tastes and practices are aligned with specific class positions) and the cultural omnivorism perspective (elites are increasingly characterized by the breadth and eclecticism of their cultural tastes and practices).


Winter 2018
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No SOCI course(s) were found for W2018 term.

Graduate Supervision

I am available to supervise MA and PhD students who would like to adopt a quantitative approach to investigating social inequalities in health or the class bases of culture in Canada or internationally.



Born in southern Ontario, I received undergraduate degrees in Pure Mathematics and Sociology from the University of Waterloo and graduate degrees in Sociology from McMaster University. I am past holder of a New Investigator career award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, an Early Career scholar award from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, a Senior Scholar career award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and a Killam Research Fellowship from UBC.