Supervisor: Dr. Ralph Matthews

Research Interests

Risk, science, health and illness, women’s health, media studies, communication, knowledge mobilization, culture

Current Research

Darryn’s research is an investigation of the social construction of Bisphenol-A (chemical monomer) as a risk issue, and an exploration of knowledge mobilization about risk in the public sphere, from scientific work to media reports to public advocacy.

DiFrancesco, Darryn Anne, and Young, Nathan. (2010). “Seeing Climate Change: The visual construction of global warming in Canadian national print media”, cultural geographies. 18(4):517-536.

DiFrancesco, Darryn Anne. (2013). “Images of Climate Change: A Practical Approach”, in Image Studies: Theory and Practice. (Manghani, S., ed.). Routledge: New York.