Research Interests

My overarching research agenda bridges the subfields of social movements, political sociology, and social psychology (particularly the study of identity).  This research is the basis of my book, Patterns of Protest (Stanford University Press, 2012), an edited special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist, and articles that have appeared in journals such as Social Forces, Sociological Perspectives, the International Journal of Comparative Sociology, the Canadian Review of Sociology, the Journal of Civil Society, and Mobilization.

I am currently working as the sole principal investigator of a 2013 SSHRC-funded project on the global environmental movement. In addition, I am a member of a collaborative team examining funding for social movements in Canada from an historical and regionally comparative perspective, which was funded by SSHRC Insight Grant in 2014.

I have recently completed an introductory sociology textbook with Oxford University Press, released in January 2016, entitled Imagining Sociology: An Introduction with Readings.

In recognition of these achievements, I was awarded the inaugural Early Investigator Award from the Canadian Sociological Association in 2013. This award honors the top scholar in Sociology 10 years out from their PhD in Canada.

I am also an active member of the broader sociological community.  I am a deputy editor of the social movements journal, Mobilization, and am a member of the Sociological Compass editorial board.  I recently completed a term as the elected chair of the Peace, War, and Social Conflict Section of the American Sociological Association, currently sit as an elected council member of the Collective Behavior and Social Movements section at ASA, and am the Chair of the Policy, Ethics, and Professional Concerns Sub-Committee of the Canadian Sociological Association.

Research Grants and Awards

2015    Hampton Research Grant, University of British Columbia

2015    Green’s College Leading Scholar 

2014    Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant

Co-Applicant (with Dominique Clement and Howard Ramos)

Government of Canada – $390,000

2013   The Early Investigator Award       

Award for the Outstanding Sociologist Up to 10 Years Post-PhD

Canadian Sociological Association

2012     Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant

Principal Investigator

Government of Canada – $137,492.00

Ranked 1st out of 96 Insight Applications in Sociology and Demography 2012

2012  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Internal Research Grant           

Government of Canada – $3,500.00

2012     Social Science and Humanities Research Council Travel Grant

Government of Canada – $2,200.00

2002-2006     Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Graduate Fellowship

Government of Canada

2002-2006     National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of California, Irvine



Books and Edited Volumes

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine.  (2016). Imagining Sociology: An Introduction with Readings.  Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press.

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine. (2012). Patterns of Protest: Trajectories of   Participation in Social Movements. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Reviewed in: American Journal of Sociology (March 2013); Social Forces (March 2013); Mobilization (December 2012); International Journal of Public Opinion Research (July 2012); Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare (39: 2012); Choice (June 2012); Mobilizing Ideas (May 2013)

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine, Editor. (2012). Images of Politics and Protest. Special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist. 56(2).


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine.  (2016).  “Funding for Social Movements”  Sociological Compass.  Pp. 1-10.

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine.  (2016). “What Gets Covered? An Examination of Media Coverage of the Canadian Environmental Movement”.  Canadian Review of Sociology.  53(1): 72-93.       

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine and Rima Wilkes. (2014). “Media exposure and the engaged citizen: How the media shape political participation”. The Social Science Journal. 51(3): 408-421.

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine. (2012). “From the Balconies to the Barricades and Back? Trajectories of Participation in Contentious Politics.” Journal of Civil Society 8(1): 17-38.

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine. (2012). “The Power of Pictures: Images of Politics and Protest.” American Behavioral Scientist. 56(2): 131-134.

 Corrigall-Brown, Catherine and Rima Wilkes. (2012). “Picturing Protest: The Visual Framing of Indigenous Collective Action by First Nations in Canada.” American Behavioral Scientist. 56(2): 223-245.

Wilkes, Rima and Catherine Corrigall-Brown. (2011). “Explaining time trends in public opinion: Attitudes towards Immigration and Immigrants.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology. 52(1-2): 79-99.

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Wilkes, Rima, Catherine Corrigall-Brown, and Daniel Myers. (2010). “Packaging Protest: Media Coverage of Indigenous People’s Collective Action.” Canadian Review of Sociology. 47(4): 327-35

Wilkes, Rima, Catherine Corrigall-Brown and Danielle Ricard. (2010). “Nationalism and Media Coverage of Indigenous People’s Collective Action in Canada.” American Indian Culture and Research Journal. 34(4): 41 – 59.

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine, David A. Snow, Theron Quist and Kelly Smith. (2009). “Protest among the Homeless: Explaining Differential Participation.” Sociological Perspectives. 52 (3): 309-336.

Snow, David A., Rens Vliegenthart, and Catherine Corrigall-Brown. (2007). “Framing the French Riots: A Comparative Study of Frame Variation.” Social Forces. 86 (2): 385-415.

Meyer, David S. and Catherine Corrigall-Brown. (2005). “Coalitions and Political Context: U.S. Movements against Wars in Iraq.” Mobilization. 10 (3): 327-344.

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