Research Areas:

Space and Mobility. Racial, Ethnic and Indigenous Politics. Ethnographic Methodologies. Research in Collaboration. Media Anthropology. Development, Humanitarianism and Violence. Gender and the Body. Urban Studies. Social Theory. Latin America.

Dissertation Title:

Traversing the City: the Making of Indigenous Spatialities Within and Beyond Buenos Aires. Defended: March 2016. Link

MA Thesis:

Vivaldi, Ana 2007. If I have a job in the city, I’ll go to the bush on weekends: Place Production Among Toba People in Northern Argentina. MA Thesis. Anthropology Department. University of British Columbia.


Journal Articles

Vivaldi, Ana “Stuck on a Muddy Road: Frictions of Mobility Amongst Urban Toba in Northern Argentina.” Identities 18(6): 599–619.

Short Articles

Vivaldi, And and Gomez, Mariana. Forthcoming. Irish Journal of Anthropology. Vol 20. Focus On. “We want us alive” Argentina’s Feminisms and Women’s Movements in the early 21st Century.

Book Chapters

Vivaldi, Ana. “Out of the Chaco: Gendered Mobilities and the Making of an Urban Indigenous Neighbourhood in Buenos Aires City” In Tola, Florencia (Ed.) Gran Chaco: Ontolog’ias, Poder Afectividad. Buenos Aires: IWGIA – Rumbo Sur

Vivaldi, Ana. “Voy al monte el fin de semana” Lugares en disputa entre tobas urbanos en la provincia de Formosa.“ In: Gordillo, Gastón y Hirsch, Silvia (Ed.) Disputas indígenas e identidades en conflicto en Argentina: Historias de invisibilización y reemergencia. Buenos Aires: Crujia.

2005 Cañuqueo L, Kropff L; Rodríguez M and Vivaldi A. Tierras, indios y Zonas en la provincia de Río Negro. (Lands, Indians and zones in Rio Negro Province.) In: Cartografías Argentinas. Políticas indigenistas y formaciones provinciales de alteridad (Argentinean Cartographies. Indigenous policies and provincial otherness formations.) Claudia Briones (edit.). Buenos Aires: Antropofagia Editor.

Collaborative Writing

2016 Suarez and Tola (Ed) El teatro de las Crueldades Chaqueñas. Buenos Aires. IWGIA Rumbo Sur/UBA. “Nominal recognitions and colonial violences” (In collaboration with Toba Indigenous People)

2013 Francia and Tola (Ed) Reflexiones Dislocadas. Buenos Aires. IWGIA Rumbo Sur/UBA. Contribution to section “An indigenous neighbourhood” (In collaboration with Toba Indigenous People)

2003 Teacher Training Manual in Environmental Education and Interpretation. Buenos Aires: Conservación Argentina.

Electronic Publications

2016 Vivaldi, Ana. Traversing the City: the Making of Indigenous Spatialities Within and Beyond Buenos Aires. PhD Thesis. Department of Anthropology. University of British Columbia. Link:

2010 Vivaldi, Ana, Palacios, M. G., Avellana, A., & Dante, P. Reflections on a “New Technologies” workshop with Toba youth in Buenos Aires (Argentina). In III Congreso de Lenguas Minorizadas (Minority languages), Buenos Aires (Vol. 4).

2008 Vivaldi, Ana. “Viajes al Centro”: Discursos de progreso y recorridos espaciales entre Tobas urbanos. Argentine Conference of Social Anthropology. Misiones National University. Argentina.

2005 Vivaldi, Ana. Nosotros éramos fundadores de estos terrenos. (We Were the First Settlers. Uses of the past as territorial legitimating in a Toba neighborhood) International Workshop: Movements, contacts and places. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Selected Presentations

2016 Vivaldi, Ana Argentina’s Military Service and the (Re) Making of Indigenous Masculinities  UBC Latina America and the Global. Talks series. Vancouver, Liu Institute. April 16th.

2016 Vivaldi, Ana. Traversing the City: the Making of Indigenous Spatialities Within and Beyond Buenos Aires. UBC Anthropolgy Talks series. Vancouver, March 9th

2016 Holroyd, Kemple and Vivaldi 2016 “Messy Collaborations: Creating Multiple Partnerships in a Fieldschool at Home.” Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting. March 31, 2016.

2012 Vivaldi, Ana. To the Villas and Out: Indigeneity and Racialization in the City of Buenos Aires. Panel: Beyond Whiteness: Race and Nation in Argentina. Latin American Studies Association Meeting, San Francisco, May 25th.

2010 Gomez, Mariana and Vivaldi Ana Fear of the Bush: Indigenous Women’s Control Over Territory, and Gendered forms of Violence in Northern Argentina”. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, November 19.

Panel Organizer. Space and Gender: Beyond the Public and the Private. Feminist and Gender Anthropology Section. American Anthropological Association.  San Francisco

2008 Panel Organizer: Ethnographies of Everyday Violence in Latin America. Conference of the Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Conference Proceedings:

Vivaldi, A., Palacios, M. G., Avellana, A., & Dante, P. 2010. Una experiencia de taller sobre nuevas tecnologías en un barrio toba (qom) del Gran Buenos Aires (Argentina) desde la mirada de los niños y jóvenes. In III Congreso de lenguas minorizadas, Buenos Aires (Vol. 4).

Vivaldi , Ana 2005 “We founded this place. Uses of the past for legitimizing territoriality in an indigenous neighbourhood in Northern Argentina” international Workshop: Displacemens, Contacts, Places. Geography Department  Facultad de Filosof’a y Letras UBA. ISBN 987 221 020 9 Electronic publication.


UBC’s Departments of Anthropology and Sociology

SOCI 220 Sociology of Indigenous People

SOCI 371 Classical Sociological Theories

SOCI 372 Contemporary Sociological Theories

ANTH 316 Political Anthropology

ANTH 378 Media Anthropology

ANTH 480 Urban Ethnographic Field-school

SOCI 302 Ethnic and Racial Inequalities



My interdisciplinary research brings politics of indigeneity and race into inquiries on the production of space, (im)mobilities and embodiment. Through the use of ethnographic and visual methodologies, it clarifies questions surrounding indigenous sovereignties, and emergent forms of urban conviviality, in particular, the way mobility among marginalized populations shapes social and spatial assemblages that challenge subordination. I have an ongoing interest in exploring the possibilities of ethnographic methodologies and perspective over the social, what has pushed me into critical engagements with Social Theory including. Overall, it contributes to understanding governance and development in Argentina and Latin America, in their intersections with processes of urban formation and spatial mobility with indigeneity and racial relations generated in contexts of economic and political subordination.

I have two current research projects. One explores the paradoxical relationship between the Argentinian military’s history of violence against Indigenous sovereignty and the positive experiences of mandatory military service that Toba men report. The other seeks to understand the everyday use of new digital technologies by Toba Indigenous youth in Argentina. This research analyzes the political reconfigurations of both cyber and physical space that new technologies effect.

I conducted ethnographic research among migrant indigenous people in the city of Buenos Aires. My work shows the importance of spatial mobility and the creation of spatial and social networks, that I call subaltern assemblages. The informal connections and relations generated in these assemblages, I argue, are key for confronting socioeconomic marginalization and urban segregation. This work has benefitted from the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Liu Institute for Global Issues, and UBC Graduate Fellowships.

I see research, collaboration, writing, and teaching as a continuum. My past experience on popular education within environmental and indigenous organizations, and in interpretation at the Ethnographic Museum of Buenos Aires, informs my academic interests. I have a background in the theories of space and embodiment, political anthropology, indigenous studies and ethnographic and visual methodologies, and media.

Awards and Fellowships

2014 Margaret Fulton Award. UBC. For outstanding contribution for student development.

2010 Bottom Billion Fellowship. Liu Institute. Follow up Field Research.

2009 IDRC Ecopolis Graduate Research Award. Field research.

2009/2010 Four Year Fellowship. UBC.

2008/09 University Graduate Fellowship – UBC.

2008 Argentinean National Research Council (CONICET). Phd 3 year Fellowship (Declined because of incompatibility with studies abroad)

2007/08 University Graduate Fellowship – University of British Columbia: