Core Faculty

Assistant Professor

General Sociological Theory; Mental Health; Suicide; Social Psychology; Emotions; Institutions

Student-led Pedagogy; FYE; Youth Transitions; Mixed Methods; Critical Heritage; Sociology of Sport
phone: 6048222632
Instructor 1

Scholarship of teaching and learning; family and health.
phone: 6048270684

Immigration, Ethnic Relations, Nonprofit organizations, Culture, Asian Communities, Research Methods
Associate Professor

Social movements; political sociology; social psychology (identity)

Intersections of gender, sexuality, racialization and class; Immigration; Work and trade unions
phone: 6048222541
Assistant Professor

Family, Inequality, Gender, Sexuality, Qualitative Research Methods, Intersectionality, Social Policy
Assistant Professor

Urban Studies, Health, Demography, Social Capital, China, Machine Learning, Statistics
Associate Professor

Work and Labour, Inequality, Gender, Economic Sociology, Social Policy, Welfare state restructuring
phone: 6048224837
Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Sexuality and Urban Studies

Cities, Culture, Sexualities, Social Movements
phone: 6048222268
Instructor 1 | Undergrad Chair

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Community-Based Experiential Learning
phone: 6048270668

Education, Immigration, Social Inequality
phone: 6048223670
Associate Professor

Culture and markets; inequality; gender; consumption; service work; China.
phone: 6048273135
Associate Professor | Grad Chair

Work and organizations, inequality, discrimination, law and society, legal mobilization, quantitative methods
phone: 6048221934
Assistant Professor

Environmental sociology; Cultural sociology; Sustainable and green consumption; Civic engagement; Food; Gender; Qualitative Methods.
phone: 6048221184
Associate Professor

Family finances and resource allocation; stress coping; immigration; space exploration and work-family balance
phone: 6048224300

Social and cultural theory; history of the social sciences; sociological founders, classics, and canons; interpretive methods; aesthetic and visual sociology
phone: 6048223579
Associate Professor

Institutions, Marriage, Communities, Organizations
phone: 6048221609
Associate Professor

Housing; Home; Urban; Family; Immigration; Population; Environment; Health; Methods
phone: 6048273083

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Education; Sexualities

Aging and lifecourse; health and society; health and social care services; intersections of formal and informal care
phone: 6048222574

Environment, Social Capital, Climate Change, Resources, Community Resilience, First Nations, Institutions
phone: 6048224386

Colonial Legal History; Critical Theory; Race and Racism; Time and Temporality; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Law and Society in India; Posthumanism
phone: 6048226494

Family and Peer Relationships; Relationship Dissolution; Mental Health; Teaching and Learning
Assistant Professor

Family, Gender, Demography, Health, Social Inequality, Research Methods, and Comparative Sociology
Assistant Professor

Sociology of health and illness; substance use; HIV/AIDS; sociology of economic life; health disparities; research participation
phone: 6048275511
Lecturer | Honours Chair

Migration, Ethnic Relations, Social Interaction, Development, Research Methods and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

burlesque; sex work; sport and culture; sexuality, law, and GLBT politics; qualitative methods, family
phone: 6048224389
Associate Professor

Race, Ethnicity, and Classification; Immigration; Genetics and Society; Inequality; Research Methods
phone: 6048224845
Professor and Department Head

Population and Development; Migration dynamics; Immigrant Assimilation; Ethnic and Racial Identity; Research and Survey Methodology

Sociology of Environment; Social Networks; Social Movements; Perceptions of Climate Change; Media
phone: 6048222363

Social Inequality and Health
phone: 6048224351

Political Sociology; Immigration; Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity; Public Opinion; Trust, Media; Social Movements and Collective Action
phone: 6048226855
Associate Professor

Gender, Inequality, Arts
phone: 6048223185