Faculty Emeriti/ae

cropped-yunshik.jpgYunshik Chang
Professor Emeritus

ANSO 2323
Korean Studies, development and social change, rural community, the individual in the community, population and folk religion



Werner Cohn
Professor Emeritus
Ethnic groups (such as Jews, Gypsies); political sociology; formation of attitudes; problems of national differences; social indicators; problems of Marxist analysis; religious and political sects.



Dawn Currie
Professor Emerita
Girls’ school-based peer cultures, adolescent femininity, critical literacy for youth.




Brian Elliot
Professor Emeritus
Urban studies; environment.





Tissa Fernando
Professor Emeritus
Ethnic and Race relations, Social Inequality, South Asia, Sociology of Development




cropped-foschi1.jpgMartha Foschi
Professor Emerita
phone: 604-822-3396
Group Processes; Social Psychology; Theory Construction; Experimental Research.



Graham Johnson
Professor Emeritus
Chinese society; development and underdevelopment.



Martin.2011Martin Meissner
Professor Emeritus
Sociology of work





James Jr. Ponzetti
Professor Emeritus
Sexuality Education, Relationship and Marriage Education, Parenting Education; Grandparents, particularly grandparents raising grandchildren; American   Indian/Alaska Native communities; Loneliness; and Monastic communities. 


cropped-ratner.jpgRobert Ratner
Professor Emeritus
Critical criminology; social movements; genocide; mediation and restorative justice; deliberative democracy; long-term group interaction.


David Schweitzer
Professor Emeritus
Political Sociology, Comparative Race and Ethnicity, Social Theory, Alienation, Political Violence.




James White
Professor Emeritus
Family Sociology, Family Diversity, Family Theory, Social Theory, Research Methods.