International Summer School on Aging (ISSA)

The University of British Columbia (Canada) is organizing, in collaboration with the Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing (INRCA) and the Lund University (Sweden), the third edition of the “International Summer School on Ageing” (ISSA), an interdisciplinary training programme to be held in Vancouver, Canada from 5-10 June, 2016.

Over the week of June 5-10th,  20 doctoral and post-doctoral students will engage with six faculty mentors and 13 UBC faculty presenters in a dynamic and interactive programme that includes state-of-the art presentations on key topics in aging, discussions of diverse methodological approaches to research on aging (with a particular emphasis on longitudinal research), as well as grantscraft and research writing and reviewing sessions. Topics range from epidemiology and clinical studies of aging, to research in the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Participants in ISSA-3 have been selected from an international applicant pool, and include students in doctoral and post-doctoral programmes from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Italy,  Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands,  the UK and the USA.

This Canadian offering of the ISSA is jointly sponsored by the Department of Sociology at The University of British Columbia, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Grant 611-2015-0257), and the UBC Hampton Research Endowment Fund.  Travel support has also been provided by the Lund University, Sweden, and by Newcastle University, UK.  Previous editions of the ISSA have been held sponsored by INRCA (IRCCS), the National Institute of Health & Science on Ageing in Ancona, Italy (2012) and by CASE, the Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments, Lund University, Sweden (2014).

The final programme for the week is available here.

The full list of Faculty Mentors and Presenters, with biographical statements: here

The full list of Doctoral and Post-doctoral participants: here

Overview of Logistics for the week at UBC: here

For more information about ISSA-3, contact Professor Anne Martin-Matthews, Department of Sociology, UBC: