Visiting Students

The graduate admissions process at UBC is a collaboration between the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G&PS) and the Department of Sociology. G&PS determines whether an applicant meets the minimum admission requirements which it sets. The Department of Sociology determines if an applicant meets the academic standards required for graduate-level study which it has set for the program. Please make sure to visit the Visiting Student section of the G&PS website.

Before applying the applicant must have a supervisor arranged to work with them during their time at UBC.  All visiting students must formally apply to the graduate program via this link – Please note Visiting Students can only register for one term, and you must select visiting student option.

Depending on the student’s university, UBC may have an exchange agreement in place that facilitates such visits.

Please review all links to see the requirements and procedures for each type of visiting student:

Regular Visiting Student

Visiting under the Western Dean’s Agreement

Visiting under the Graduate Exchanges Agreement

Other Exchange Agreements