Leave Policies

Graduate Students

Upon written application and with the approval of the supervisor, the Sociology Graduate Studies Committee (SGSC) and Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G&PS), a student may be granted “on-leave” status. Registration must be maintained through payment of a fee. Failure to maintain on-leave status may lead to cancellation of registration in the program. On-leave status is granted only when exceptional circumstances apply. Please see the G&PS leave policy.

Supervisor and Committee Members on Leave

As stated in the G&PS Handbook of Graduate Supervision “the [supervisor] is responsible to make arrangements to ensure continuity of supervision when the [supervisor] will be absent for extended periods, e.g. a month or longer…” Faculty members on leave may continue advising and/or supervising graduate students. They must inform students in advance of any problems they anticipate as a result of their absence from campus, and provide students in writing with a plan for the expected frequency and medium of maintaining contact (such as regular mail, telephone, email, face-to-face meetings and so on). Alternatively, in consultation with the student and the SGSC, faculty on leave may arrange for a replacement supervisor or advisory committee member for all or part of the term of their leave. Consent for the designated replacement must be obtained from the SGSC. Unless otherwise stipulated, it will be assumed by the SGSC that the original supervisor will return as chair of the advisory committee after the leave. It is also the responsibility of the supervisor, as chair of the advisory committee, to ensure that committee members who are on leave maintain regular contact with the student and other committee members, or are replaced. All replacements will be made in consultation with the student and all changes must be approved by the SGSC.