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Winter 2018

SOCI100 Introduction to Sociology Sections

Introduction to problems in the analysis of social structures and processes. Basic sociological concepts will be introduced and their application demonstrated in various areas of sociology. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 100 or both SOCI 101, SOCI 102.

Instructor(s): Guppy, Neil

SOCI101 Social Interaction and Culture Sections

Culture, identity, social interaction, relationships and socialization. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 101 or SOCI 100.


SOCI102 Inequality and Social Change Sections

Inequality, institutions, social structure and social change. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 102 or SOCI 100.

SOCI200 Sociology of Family Sections

An introduction to contemporary family forms and relations.

Instructor(s): Armitage, Neil Robinson, Oral Bartolic, Silvia MARTIN, TODD

SOCI201 Ethnic Relations Sections

An introduction to the study of the relations between ethnic groups and of the interplay between ethnicity and other social factors.

Instructor(s): Ryniker, David

SOCI210 Canadian Social Structure Sections

Descriptive and analytic survey of such features as demographic characteristics, class structure, ethnicity, and regional variation in Canadian society as a basis for understanding current social issues.

SOCI217 Research Methods Sections

Introduction to research designs and methodologies.

SOCI220 Sociology of Indigenous Peoples Sections

Sociological perspective of Indigenous peoples and issues both internationally and within Canada.

Instructor(s): VIVALDI PASQUA, ANA Lester-Smith, Donna

SOCI240 Introduction to Social Interaction Sections

A general introduction to research on social interaction, with an emphasis on group (as opposed to individual) processes and behaviour. Topics include: status, power and prestige, distributive justice, marginality and social control, authority relations, and group structure and membership, all to be studied in the context of a variety of groups (such as families, formal organizations, communities and friendship groups) and cultures.

SOCI250 Crime and Society Sections

Crime as a social phenomenon, with emphasis on the changing definitions of crime in relation to social and political change in Canadian and other societies. The scope and nature of the crime problem, the growth of criminology as a science and profession, and relationships between components of state criminal justice systems.


SOCI260 Technology, Work and Society Sections

The social forces responsible for changing patterns of technological innovation and work organization in modern industrial societies. Emphasis on the organization of work and the labour force.

Instructor(s): Singh, Prabhsharanbir

SOCI285 Citizenship and Identity Sections

The concepts of citizenship, identity, and human rights as social processes shaping individuals and communities (both local and global).

Instructor(s): Gulmanelli, Stefano

SOCI301 Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment Sections

Processes of social change in the Third World and other developing countries. Major themes stress the relationship between urbanization and industrialization; modernization and ethnic conflict; imperialism, neo-colonialism, and foreign aid; and intra-national modernization problems such as regional underdevelopment in industrial societies.

Instructor(s): Ryniker, David

SOCI302 Ethnic and Racial Inequality Sections

A critical examination of classical and contemporary theories and research evidence concerning ethnic and racial inequality at the societal and interpersonal levels.

Instructor(s): Robinson, Oral

SOCI303 Sociology of Migration Sections

Sociological approaches to the movement of peoples and its impact over time.

Instructor(s): PLAUT, SHAYNA

SOCI310 Canadian Society Sections

Social organization of Canadian society: relationships between social institutions and social processes (e.g., economics, education, family, law, media, and politics); including issues of ancestry, ethnicity, gender, region, and social class.

SOCI312 Gender Relations Sections

The nature of gender relations, their social and cultural expression, and theories of gender inequality.

Instructor(s): DERGOUSOFF, DEBORAH Yodanis, Carrie

SOCI320 Diversity in Family Forms Sections

An examination of diversity within and between families and of diverse family forms.

Instructor(s): FROHARD DOURLENT, HELENE Qian, Yue

SOCI328 Social Statistics I Sections

The testing of sociological theories using quantitative data analysis techniques on numerical data from social surveys, experiments and official statistics. SOCI 328 excludes credit for a number of other statistics courses in various departments. Please consult the Science Credit Exclusion List (,215,410,414) before registering.

SOCI342 Consumers and Consumption Sections

The structure and culture of consuming and consumption.

SOCI352 Organization of Work Sections

The meaning of work and leisure. Properties of work organization: division of labour and specialization; technology and working knowledge; means of coordinating work, such as cooperation, authority, and exchange. Research problems concerning work in households, offices, and industry, division of labour by gender, industrial democracy and the relation of work and social inequality.

Instructor(s): Fuller, Sylvia

SOCI354 Community Studies Sections

Study of the organization of human communities; a focus upon collective activities including family, work, neighbourhood, and formal and informal networks.

Instructor(s): Lauer, Sean

SOCI360 Sociology and Natural Resources Sections

Sociological perspectives on property, resource industries (such as agriculture, fishing, forestry and mining), resource development, and resource communities. May also include examination of social aspects of resource development in the Third World.

Instructor(s): Tindall, David

SOCI361 Social Inequality Sections

Tendencies toward equality and inequality; manifestations of inequality (occupation, education, gender, ethnicity, income, power) and their consequences; caste and class features of major stratification systems; theories of social class; stratification profile of contemporary industrial societies.

Instructor(s): PLAUT, SHAYNA Fuller, Sylvia Haddon, Edward

SOCI364 Built Environments Sections

Physical, social, and economic aspects of built environments, including housing and community planning.

Instructor(s): Lauster, Nathanael

SOCI369 Sociology of Sexualities Sections

Historical and social construction of sexual identities, desires, communities, and politics in the twentieth century.

SOCI370 Sociological Theories: Classical and Contemporary Approaches Sections

An examination of selected traditions, conceptual problems, and current topics in the field of sociological theory. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 370 or both SOCI 371, SOCI 372.

SOCI371 Classical Traditions in Theory Sections

An examination of selected traditions, conceptual problems and topics in the foundational theories of sociology. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 371 or SOCI 370.

Instructor(s): VIVALDI PASQUA, ANA

SOCI372 Contemporary Directions in Theory Sections

A survey of theories in contemporary sociology. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 372 or SOCI 370.

Instructor(s): VIVALDI PASQUA, ANA Dilley, Sherrie

SOCI380 Sociological Methods: Survey Research Sections

Questionnaire design, interviewing, sampling, and analysis of survey data.

Instructor(s): Bartolic, Silvia

SOCI381 Sociological Methods: Experimental and Mixed Methods Sections

Experimental methods in sociology integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches. Emphasis is on research design to inform policy and decision making.

Instructor(s): Richardson, Lindsey

SOCI382 Sociological Methods: Qualitative Research Sections

Examination of the different traditions of qualitative sociological inquiry and the associated methodological features used to study the interpretive practices and meanings in the everyday lives of individuals.

Instructor(s): Pentecost, Debra CURRIE, DAWN HEATHER

SOCI383 Sociological Methods: Historical Research Sections

Methodological problems and research strategies associated with the interpretation of socio-historical data; contributions of classical and contemporary approaches to historical sociology and social history.

Instructor(s): Ross, Becki

SOCI384 Sociology of Health and Illness Sections

Classic and contemporary sociological perspectives on health, illness, and health care. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 384 and SOCI 484.

SOCI387 Drugs and Society Sections

Social dimensions of the causes, consequences, regulation, and treatment of substance use from Canadian and international perspectives.

SOCI414 Feminist Theory Sections

The emergence of feminist theory, its relationship to sociology, and the major theoretical schools of thought. The social basis and development of feminist thought from critiques of scholarship and research to contemporary debates will be addressed.

Instructor(s): Wiebe, Brandy CURRIE, DAWN HEATHER

SOCI415 Theories of Family and Kinship Sections

Theoretical approaches to the study of the family and family forms.

Instructor(s): Wainer, Rafael Qian, Yue DERGOUSOFF, DEBORAH WHITE, JAMES

SOCI418 Social Statistics II Sections

Primary emphasis on applications of statistical techniques to data in Sociology.

Instructor(s): Qian, Yue

SOCI420 Sociology of the Environment Sections

Sociological approaches to the study of environmental conflicts, issues, movements, impact of changing technology, economic development on the environment.

SOCI425 Urban Sociology Sections

Demographic, behavioural, and organizational aspects of urban structures and of urbanization in different societies and periods.

SOCI433D Directed Studies - WRLD RLGNS&GLBL Sections

General reading and/or a research undertaking, with the agreement, and under the supervision, of a Department faculty member selected by the student.

SOCI433E Directed Studies - SOCLGY MNTL HLTH Sections

General reading and/or a research undertaking, with the agreement, and under the supervision, of a Department faculty member selected by the student.

SOCI440 Economic Sociology Sections

Analysis of economic actions and institutions using the concepts and methods of sociology.

Instructor(s): Hanser, Amy

SOCI441 Society, Economy and Family Sections

The study of family in social and economic contexts. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 441 and FMST 440.

SOCI442 Families and Work Sections

The effect of combining family and work roles. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 442 and FMST 442.

SOCI464 Social Movements Sections

A study of the sources, stages, and effects of social movements in developing and modernized societies.

SOCI465 Sociology of the Arts Sections

An examination of the arts as social practices from the standpoint of the relationships among artists, critics, patrons, and public; and the social institutions through which these relationships are structured.

SOCI470 Sociology of Crime and Justice Sections

Critical examination of specific forms of crime and delinquency in relation to the criminal justice system including law, enforcement, and corrections. Issues selected for study will be further scrutinized within the cultural framework of ethics, morality, and social justice.

Instructor(s): Chan, Elic Mawani, Renisa

SOCI473 Sociology of Mental Illness Sections

A sociological approach to the meaning of mental illness; the organization of psychiatric treatment; problems in the explanation of the distribution of mental illness in a population.

SOCI479 Social Determinants of Health Sections

Relationships between social phenomena (e.g., personal beliefs, lifestyle practices, social support, socio-economic status, social class, gender, and ethnicity) and the health of human populations.

Instructor(s): CARPIANO, RICHARD

SOCI490 Contemporary Chinese Society Sections

Current social topics in Chinese society; perspectives on gender, inequality, culture, and social relations.

Instructor(s): Fu, Qiang

SOCI495A Advanced Studies in Sociology - CLIMATE CHANGE Sections

An intensive examination of selected topics in Sociology. Consult the department for this year's offerings.

SOCI495B Advanced Studies in Sociology - SOCI OF SOCCER Sections

An intensive examination of selected topics in Sociology. Consult the department for this year's offerings.

Instructor(s): Tindall, David

SOCI495E Advanced Studies in Sociology - CBPR APPROACHES Sections

An intensive examination of selected topics in Sociology. Consult the department for this year's offerings.

SOCI500 Foundations of Sociological Thought Sections

Instructor(s): MATTHEWS, DAVID

SOCI501 Contemporary Sociological Theory Sections

Instructor(s): Mawani, Renisa

SOCI502 Research Design and Techniques (Quantitative) Sections

Instructor(s): Veenstra, Gerry

SOCI503 Research Design and Techniques (Qualitative) Sections

Instructor(s): Hanser, Amy

SOCI514 Analyzing Quantitative Data in Sociology Sections

SOCI515 Qualitative Data Analysis in Sociology Sections

Instructor(s): Ghaziani, Amin

SOCI540 Social Inequality Sections

SOCI549A Master's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS Sections

SOCI560 Culture and Knowledge Sections

SOCI598A Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES Sections

SOCI598B Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES Sections

SOCI598C Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES Sections

SOCI599A Special Topics Seminar - SPEC TOPICS SEM Sections

Instructor(s): Martin-Matthews, Anne

SOCI649 Doctoral Dissertation Sections

Sociology Graduate Course Offerings for 2016-2017