Students normally will be “advanced to candidacy” when they have completed the residency period, completed all required coursework, passed the comprehensive examinations, formed an advisory committee, and their supervisor has certified that their dissertation proposal has been approved by all members of the advisory committee. Advancement to candidacy is noted on the student’s official transcript. The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G&PS) expects that a typical doctoral student will be advanced to candidacy on completion of a two-year residency period. A student who is not advanced to candidacy within a period of three years from the date of initial registration will be required to withdraw from the program, although extension of this period may be permitted by the dean of G&PS under exceptional circumstances.

After being advanced to candidacy, Ph.D. students may qualify to teach UBC courses on approval of the dean of G&PS if there is evidence of good progress through the program and if appropriate teaching opportunities arise. However, they are permitted to do so only if it does not interfere with their Ph.D. research. A graduate student should have been advanced to candidacy at the time he or she applied to be a sessional instructor. In order to give a teaching opportunity to as many Ph.D. candidates as possible, the number of credits to be taught by any one student is limited to nine credits while in the Ph.D. program. Please note that students on extension are not eligible for sessional appointments.