Joint Book Launch and Reception for Sebastain Prange and Renisa Mawani

Join us at the Peter Wall Institute for a joint book launch and reception featuring new books by Wall Scholars Sebastain Prange and Renisa Mawani. This event is free but requires registration as seating is limited.


Renisa Mawani

ACROSS OCEANS OF LAW: The Komagata Maru and Jurisdiction in the Time of Empire

In Across Oceans of Law, Renisa Mawani draws on what she terms “oceans as method” – a mode of thinking and writing that repositions land and sea – to examine the historical and conceptual stakes of situating histories of Indian migration in maritime worlds. By following the movements of the famous Komagata Maru, she traces British imperial power through racial, temporal, and legal contests over the so-called free sea and offers a novel method of writing colonial legal history.


Sebastian R. Prange

MONSOON ISLAM: Trade and Faith on the Medieval Malabar Coast

In the medieval period, a distinct form of Islamic thought and practice developed within the world of the Indian Ocean. Sebastian Prange shows that this “Monsoon Islam” was shaped by merchants not sultans, forged by commercial imperatives rather than in battle, and defined by the reality of Muslims living within non-Muslim societies. Monsoon Islam reveals an oceanic history of Islam that continues to shape how the faith is lived across much of maritime Asia.


More information of the event can be found here.