UBC Prof. Sylvia Fuller contributes to 2015 Election Poverty Policy Audit Dr. Fuller examined Federal party platforms for their specific impact on Wages and Employment, and their likely effect on poverty in Canada (as opposed to the tendency of all parties to focus on the middle class). Other scholars turned their attention to other aspects of party platforms (Fiscal Policy, Homelessness & Housing, etc.) influencing poverty […]

Prof. Catherine Corrigall-Brown receives Hampton Research Grant This grant will support her project “Foundation for Social Change? How Charitable Funding Shapes the Environmental Movement”.  Prof. Corrigall-Brown is partnering with the Environmental Funders Network, a UK organization that brings together 50 large trusts and foundations that fund environmental groups.  She will partner with this Network to analyse a survey they have conducted on the role of […]

UBC Sociology competes in the ‘Day of the Longboat’ Congratulations to the Department’s Sociology Students Association (SSA), who organized a team of rowers for the Day of the Longboat, on Sunday Oct 4th. Six students and two faculty members competed in the annual event in Vancouver, placing a proud 4th in their heat.

New professor, Qiang Fu, awarded Hampton Fund Research Grant Qiang Fu’s research on “Neighbourhood Transformation: Property Rights, Governance and Associational Life in Urban China” will be supported by a $10,000 New Faculty Award.

Inaugural Francesco Duina Undergraduate Prize – applications due Oct 15th The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce the Francesco Duina Undergraduate Prize. This annual $300 scholarship will be awarded to the student who submits the best undergraduate paper to Sojourners (the Department of Sociology’s undergraduate journal). The selection of the prize winning paper will be made by the Awards Committee in consultation with the […]

Sarah Brayne (University of Texas-Austin) – Seminar Series Speaker, Tuesday Oct 6, 11:00 “Stratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big Data” In the wake of 9/11, federal agencies provided considerable funding to state and local law enforcement agencies to collect, analyze, share and deploy a wide range of new data. Increasingly, local law enforcement agencies recognized these data could be useful in their own daily operations. The rise of “big data” raises a host of questions about the social implications of new surveillance technologies and analytic practices. In my research, I analyze the use of big […]

Jason Beckfield (Harvard) – Seminar Series Speaker, Tues Sept 22 11:00 “Sociological Theory & Population Health” Social inequalities in health endure, but also vary, through space and time. Building on research that documents the durability and variability of health inequality, recent research has turned toward the welfare state as a major explanatory factor in the search for causes of health inequality. With the aims of (1) […]

UBC Sociology is hiring for two new tenure-track positions! See job ads for positions as: 1) Head of the Sociology Department and 2) Assistant Professor in Sociology of Family

Student Skyler Wang article published in THE UBYSSEY “A sea of change: UBC as a hotbed for evolving views on homosexuality” Growing up as a closeted gay man in a conservative Asian country like Singapore — where homosexual conduct is criminalized — was like playing a perennial game of hide-and-seek…  [View full story.]