Prof. Yue Qian’s research featured in UBC News. Qian’s research suggests that China’s new two-child policy has implications for gender equality in urban China, where motherhood contributes to the gender pay gap: “China’s two-child policy may exacerbate gender inequality.”

Prof. Guy Stecklov’s research on the impact of incentives on survey data was featured in a World Bank blog post: “If you pay your survey respondents, you just might get a different answer.” View blog post here View Professor Stecklov’s paper here

Prof. Nathan Lauster in the news on housing in Vancouver in the run-up to his Feb 22 talk at the Vancouver Historical Society, with appearances in Spacing Vancouver and CBC News.

Prof. Nathan Lauster in Metro News highlighting domestic speculation and investment in Vancouver’s Real Estate market.

New Instructor Position (tenure-track) Applications due March 19th. Instructor, tenure-track Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce a new Instructor (tenure-track) position. Job posting pasted below and at the following link: The University of British Columbia (Vancouver) invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track Instructor position to be held in the Department of Sociology (  […]

Undergrad Veronica Cho interviewed by Global BC on stress felt by young people and how parents can help: “Tips on how parents can help their children deal with stress”

Congratulations Prof. Emeritus Yun-Shik Chang on the release of his new book, “The Personalist Ethic and the Rise of Urban Korea.” Available now on amazon.

Prof. Nathan Lauster in Metro News Talking about the new CMHC Report on housing price escalation in major metro areas in Canada

Prof. Nathan Lauster in CBC News talking about how millennials are finding creative solutions to deal with the high cost of living: “Millennials find creative solutions to rental woes.”

Prof. Yue Qian in the Georgia Straight addressing the question: Why Don’t More Women Make the First Move in Dating?