Prof. Nathan Lauster in The Tyee Explaining how Vancouver is not losing its Millennials (article based on his blog posts!)

Prof. Amin Ghaziani featured in a “Faces of Research” story for UBC Arts. The piece provides a spotlight on the twenty-four world-class Canada Research Chairs in the Faculty of Arts who are collectively contributing to UBC’s standing as a leading research university.

Prof. Nathan Lauster in the Globe & Mail named and quoted as an expert witness in a lawsuit related to the Foreign-Buyer Tax

Prof. Sylvia Fuller in the Romper talking about how increased flexibility allows working mothers to earn more money and close the motherhood wage gap.

Sociology PhD candidate Zachary Hyde writes an op-ed in The Tyee talking about how foodies are gentrifying Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Prof. Sylvia Fuller in the Richmond News talking about how moms with flexible work arrangements make more money.

Prof. Nathan Lauster in the Star Vancouver talking about the importance of place-making projects in downtown Vancouver.

Prof. Sylvia Fuller in The Star Vancouver Talking about the need for pay equity legislation to close the gender gap in BC

Prof. Nathan Lauster in BIV’s Invest in BC 2018 magazine Talking about foreign and local investment in real estate (p. 28-29)

Prof. Sylvia Fuller’s research featured in UBC News Fuller examines how flexible work arrangements reduce wage gaps for mothers. “Our findings suggest that, when companies allow work to be organized in a flexible way, they’re less worried about hiring mothers,” said Fuller.