Sojourners: Undergraduate Journal of Sociology

sojourners-logoFor seven years, the journal has showcased exemplary papers written by students with a sociological perspective. Contributing to the journal affords students an invaluable opportunity to have their work published early in their academic careers.

Co-editors in Chief

Selenna Ho & Vesna Pajović

Faculty Advisor

Neil Guppy

Managing Editor

Julia Tikhonova

Associate Editors

Iman-Anupa Ghosh
Rachel Lee
Sharlie Marie
Arielle Rozen
Laura Sierra
Sylvia Szczepanska
Skyler Wang


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Volume 1, 2009    |   Volume 2, 2010   |   Volume 3/4, 2011/12Volume 5, 2013/14 |   Volume 6/7, 2015  | Volume 8, 2016

Hardcopies of Sojourners are available for purchase at the Sociology Main Office in the Anthropology & Sociology Building (ANSO room 2111) as well as the Sociology Students’ Association event booths. Please contact