Sociology Students’ Association

Sociology Students’ Association (SSA)

  • BUILDING: The SSA aims to provide students with opportunities to build a foundation upon which their academic career will grow. Information sessions on career options, graduate schools and admissions, the honours program, and undergraduate and graduate research will be integral for creating a foundation for our students.


Example: offering opportunities for educational information and skill-development, including Big Talks and Information Sessions.

  • CONNECTING: The SSA envisions an environment on campus where undergraduate, graduate students and faculty regularly participate in social and academic events and strengthening relationships within Sociology and with other departments.


Example: providing support and chances to connect for the Sociology/UBC community, including social BBQ events

  • EMPOWERING: The SSA values the importance of students being able to take the theories and lessons from classes and apply them to everyday aspects of life, both during and after university. We believe this happens when students have the ability to freely make their choices, ask questions, and raise their own voices.


Example: lobbying for policy changes within the department or university 

SSA Executives 2016-2017

Co-Presidents: Cecilia Federizon and Kaitlyn Fung

Vice President (Academic): Julia Tikhonova

Vice President (Social): Elizer Erpilla

AUS Representative:  Siobhan Parry

Treasurer: Michelle Liao

Secretary: Kacey Ng

Media Specialists: Noor Hewaidi (Communications) and Elida Izani (Graphics)

Logistics Coordinator:  Kirsten Jade Mendonca

Co-Editors-In-Chief, Sojourners: Iman Ghosh and Rachel Lee

Connect with the SSA

Twitter: @ubcSSA
Instagram: UBCSSA
Office: ANSO 2201