Research Interests

Work and Labour, Inequality, Gender, Economic Sociology, Social Policy

My research centres around understanding how inequalities in people’s economic security develop via diverging employment trajectories. I am particularly interested in considering how relations of gender, migration, and racialization intersect with changing employment relations and broader policy and institutional frameworks.



Current Research

Motherhood career penalties: linking organizational, institutional, and individual contexts

Most mothers in Canada are engaged in paid employment, but gendered norms of parenting and work continue to work to their career disadvantage. Why is this so? Does the kind of organization in which mothers work matter? How exactly do differences in organizational practices and structures affect whether and how motherhood limits career opportunities? I am exploring these questions with Beth Hirsh and Jane Pulkingham in a study funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s Insight Development grant program.



Recent Publications

Fuller, Sylvia and Natasha Stecy-Hildebrandt (2015) “Career Pathways for Temporary Workers: Exploring Heterogeneous Mobility Dynamics with Sequence Analysis” SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH 50: 76-99

Fuller, Sylvia and Natasha Stecy-Hildebrandt (2014) “Lasting Disadvantage? Comparing Career Trajectories of Matched Temporary and Permanent Workers in Canada” CANADIAN REVIEW OF SOCIOLOGY 51(4) *Winner of the Canadian Sociological Association Best Article Award

Fuller, Sylvia (2014). “Do Pathways Matter? Linking Early Immigrant Employment Sequences and Later Economic Outcomes: Evidence from Canada. INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION REVIEW 49(2): 355-405

Pulkingham, Jane and Sylvia Fuller (2012) , “From Parent to Patient: The Medicalization of Lone Motherhood Through Welfare Reform”. SOCIAL POLITICS: INTERNATIONAL STUDIES IN GENDER, STATE & SOCIETY.

Fuller, Sylvia and Martin, Todd (2012) ‘Predicting Immigrant Employment Sequences in the First Years of Settlement’.  INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION REVIEW 46(1): 138-190 

Fuller, Sylvia.(2011) “Up and On or Down and Out? Gender, Immigration and the Consequences of Temporary Employment in Canada”. RESEARCH IN SOCIAL STRATIFICATION AND MOBILITY 29(2): 155-180.

Pulkingham, Jane, Sylvia Fuller and Paul Kershaw (2010) . “Lone-Motherhood, Welfare Reform and Active Citizen Subjectivity” CRITICAL SOCIAL POLICY 30(2): 267-291.

Fuller, Sylvia (2009). “Investigating Longitudinal Dimensions of Precarious Employment: Conceptual and Practical Issues” in Leah Vosko, Martha MacDonald and Iain Campbell Eds. Gender and the Contours of Precarious Employment: Developing Common Understandings Across Space, Scale, and Social Location. Routledge.

Fuller, Sylvia and Leah Vosko (2008). “Temporary Employment and Social Inequality in Canada: Exploring Intersections of Gender, Race, and Migration“. SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH. 88(1): 31-50.

Kershaw, Paul, Jane Pulkingham and Sylvia Fuller (2008).“Expanding the Subject: Violence, Care and Active Citizenship”. SOCIAL POLITICS. 15(1): 1-25.

Fuller, Sylvia, Pulkingham, Jane, and Paul Kershaw (2008). “Constructing’ Active Citizenship’:Single Mothers, Welfare, and the Logics of Voluntarism”. CITIZENSHIP STUDIES. 12(2): 157-176.

Fuller, Sylvia (2008).”Job Mobility and Wage Trajectories for Men and Women in the United States“. AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW. 73(1): 158-182.



Winter 2016

SOCI352A Organization of Work - ORGANIZ OF WORK Sections

The meaning of work and leisure. Properties of work organization: division of labour and specialization; technology and working knowledge; means of coordinating work, such as cooperation, authority, and exchange. Research problems concerning work in households, offices, and industry, division of labour by gender, industrial democracy and the relation of work and social inequality.

Winter 2016

SOCI433C Directed Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES Sections

General reading and/or a research undertaking, with the agreement, and under the supervision, of a Department faculty member selected by the student.

Winter 2016

SOCI599A Special Topics Seminar - SPEC TOPICS SEM Sections


Ph.D., Rutgers University
M.A. Dalhousie university
B.A. Simon Fraser University

Izaak Walton Killam and SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (York University and University of British Columbia)