Finance Clerk and Receptionist
Student Advisor

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions
Assistant to the Head
Manager of Administration
Communications Assistant (Work/Learn)
Assistant Professor

Family, Inequality, Gender, Sexuality, Qualitative Research Methods, Intersectionality, Social Policy
BA 2017 (Sociology major, Family Studies minor);
Tech Startup (Marketing)
Professor and Department Head

Population and Development; Migration dynamics; Immigrant Assimilation; Ethnic and Racial Identity; Research and Survey Methodology
PhD Student

Social determinants of health, construction of biomedical knowledge, medical research participation, substance use, HIV/AIDS, gender, sexuality, mixed and experimental methods
Sessional Instructor and PhD student

Sociology of Education, Inequality, Mental Health, At-Risk Youth
Sessional Instructor
Sessional Instructor
PhD Student

Sexualities, Gender, Culture, Family, Urban Sociology, Social Psychology, Ethnography, Qualitative Methods
Sessional Instructor
Student Services Assistant (Work/Learn)
Classroom Technology Coordinator (Work/Learn)
PhD Student

Gender & sexuality; transphobia & homophobia; youth & marginalization; social determinants of health; social inequality; vulnerable subgroups; criminological theory; sociology of deviance
PhD Student

Social networks analysis, environmental sociology, GIS (Geographic Information System), school gardens
MA Student

Health, Social Networks, Life Course
MA Student

Off-the-grid living, social movements, housing
MA Student

Post-graduate migration of university students, migration theories
BA 2017 (Sociology/Psychology)

Research Analyst