Research Topics

My research and writing encompasses the fields of environmental sociology, social movements, qualitative methods, political economy and political sociology.

Drawing on the new extraction and resource extractivism literatures, my proposed dissertation research evaluates the efficacy of Canada’s public-private partnerships (PPP) as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy for the international resource extraction sector. Specifically, it examines: (1) how the PPPs affect community well-being and environmental sustainability and (2) how the PPPs affect local community perceptions of the role of NGOs, mining companies and states in resource governance.




Chewinski, Max. (2016). “Mining as Canadian Nation-building: Contentious Citizenship Regimes on the Move.” Canadian Journal of Sociology 41(3): 349-373.


Chewinski, Max. (Accepted). “Committing (Phenomenological) Sociology: Actor-centered Approaches to Social Movement Research.” Canadian Review of Sociology.


Stoddart, Mark, Max Chewinski, Megan Stewart and B. Quinn Burt. (2018, forthcoming). “Political Consumerism: Extraction Industries.” Section 3, Chapter 9. In Magnus Boström, Michele Micheletti and Peter Oosterveer. Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism.



TA for SOCI 370: Sociological Theories: Classical and Contemporary Approaches

TA for SOCI 324: Sociology of the Life Course