Research Interests:  Corrections, theoretical criminology, mass incarceration, cybercrime, hacktivism, risk & edgework

My primary research interests include cybercrime and the use of hacking as a form of social activism, as well as media discourses of cybercrime. Other projects I am currently working on examine prison culture and correctional officer ideologies and attitudes and how this effects relations between officers and prisoners in institutional settings.

Ricciardelli, R., Perry, K., & Carleton, N. (forthcoming July, 2017). Prison officer orientations and the implications for responsivity with incarcerated youth. In J. L. Ireland, C. A. Ireland, M. Fisher, & N. Gredecki (Eds.), The Routledge International Handbook of Forensic Psychology in Secure Settings. Routledge.

Ricciardelli, R., & Perry, K. (2016) Responsivity in practice: Prison officer to prisoner communication in Canadian provincial prisons. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 32(4), 401-425.


Teaching Assistantships:

Winter 2017: SOCI 285- Citizenship & Identity with Stefano Gulmanelli

Fall 2016: SOCI 361- Social Inequalities with Shayna Plaut