Research Topics

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Sociology of Education; Sexualities

Research Interests

Currently I am working on the following projects:

i) Gendered education trajectory decisions (with Kerry Greer and Agnes d’Entremont)

ii) Student compositional diversity in sociology classrooms (with Neil Guppy)

iii) First year students’ conceptions of the nature and purpose of academic research (with Mark Lam and Jaclyn Rea)

Public Sociology

Hélène Frohard-Dourlent and I recently co-authored an article in the Canadian Review of Sociology on marriage norms and same-sex couples. This work has been featured in a variety of news outlets including The Vancouver SunCBC24 Hours Newspaper; The Georgia Straight; VanCity Buzz; and The Washington Blade. We also shared our findings on Our City with Kirk LaPointe (Roundhouse Radio) and Radio Canada (French).


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Lyon, K. A., & Guppy, N(2016). Enhancing student compositional diversity in the sociology classroom. Teaching Sociology, 44(2), 106-117.

Bartolic, S.K., Lyon, K.A., Sierra, L., &  White, J. (2016). Comparative approaches to teaching family theory. Family Science Review, 21(1), 56-70.

Lyon, K. A., & Frohard-Dourlent, H. (2015). “Let’s talk about the institution”: Same-sex common-law partners negotiating marriage equality and relationship legitimacy. Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue Canadienne de Sociologie, 52(4), 402–428.


Book Chapters

Roth, W. D., & Lyon, K. A. (Forthcoming). Genetic ancestry tests and race: Who takes them, why, and how do they affect racial identities? In K. Suzuki & D. von Vacano (Eds.), Reconsidering race: Cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, New York: Oxford University Press.

Lyon, K. A., Frohard-Dourlent, H., Fripp, P., & Guppy, N. (2014). Research on race/ethnicity/ancestry and educational inequality in Canada: 1980 – 2011. In P. Stevens & G. A. Dworkin (Eds.), The Palgrave handbook of race and ethnic inequalities in education (pp. 170-204). Basingstoke, Hants: Palgrave Macmillan.

Guppy, N., & Lyon, K.A. (2012). Multiculturalism, education practices and colonial legacies: The case of Canada. In C. Kassimeris, & M. Vryonides (Eds.), The politics of education: Challenging multiculturalism (pp. 114-135). New York, NY: Routledge.

Winter 2017

SOCI102 Inequality and Social Change Sections

Inequality, institutions, social structure and social change. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 102 or SOCI 100.

Winter 2017

SOCI101 Social Interaction and Culture Sections

Culture, identity, social interaction, relationships and socialization. Credit will be granted for only one of SOCI 101 or SOCI 100.

Current Teaching 

Social Interaction and Culture (Soci 101)

Inequality and Social Change (Soci 102)

Vantage College Projects (Vant 148)

Multidisciplinary Research Project (Vant 149)



Ph.D., Sociology, University of British Columbia

M.A., Sociology, University of Toronto