Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Kemple

Committee Members: Dr. Gillian Creese, Dr. Amy Hanser


Liu Scholar (2010-)
Four Year Doctoral Fellowship Holder (2010-)
CGS-SSHRC Recipient (2007-2008)


MA, Sociology, University of Alberta (2010)
BA (Hons), Sociology, University of British Columbia (2006)

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in the relationship between capitalist market forces and people’s everyday lived experiences; more specifically, I am interested in women’s employment in the Canadian labour market and intersections of gender, race, class and immigration status.

Current Research

My dissertation investigates the social and economic experiences of immigrant women who are participating in an employment and leadership skills settlement program at two community organizations in Vancouver, BC. Taking the approach of institutional ethnography, the research starts in the everyday world of women’s experiences in order to trace and map the institutional relations that coordinate immigrant women’s labour market opportunities in Canada. Data will be generated through participant observation, interviews with the women participating in the program, interviews with individuals who organize, fund and deliver settlement programs, and the analysis of state immigration policy. Conceptually, this project draws from Dorothy Smith’s standpoint theory, Karl Marx’s materialist conception of history, Patricia Hill Collins’ contributions to intersectionality theory, and Pierre Bourdieu and Max Weber’s respective theories of social stratification.


Board of Directors, Positive Women’s Network (

Chair, UBC Sociology Undergraduate and Graduate Mentorship Program

Student Representative, Pathways to Prosperity Partnership (British Columbia Node) (


American Sociological Association

Canadian Sociological Association

Society for the Study of Social Problems


Holroyd, H. At the edge of institutional and organizational boundaries: sociology in a leadership and employment skills program designed to build capacity among racialized immigrant women. Annual Canadian Sociological Association Conference, June 2013.

Holroyd, H. Sociology’s role in an alternative model leadership and employment skills training program for immigrant women. Sixth Annual Graduate Student Conference. University of British Columbia, May 2013.

Holroyd, H. Michel Foucault’s techniques of discipline: Prisons and gated communities as functional sites of social stratification. Society for the Study of Social Problems 62nd Annual Meeting. Denver, CO, August 2012.

Holroyd, H. Foucault, American prisons and the enclosure movement: Tracing a history of the present. Fifth Annual Sociology Graduate Student Conference. University of British Columbia, March 2012.

Holroyd, H. and Dr. Ann Holroyd. Bathing in residential care: A mixed-methods case study of user perceptions and experiences with the Arjo tub bath, Melanie mobile shower and en-suite showers. Applied Research Colloqium, Reflecting on Aging: Setting New Directions. University of Victoria, March 2012.

Holroyd, H. Hermeneutics and sociology: Tracing the history of interpretation in research. Fourth Annual Sociology Graduate Student Conference. University of British Columbia, May 2011.

Teaching Assistantships

Sociology 382: Qualitative Inquiry with Human Subjects, Dr. Dawn Currie
Sociology 495 & Anthropology 409: The Immigrant Vancouver Ethnographic Field School. Dr. Thomas Kemple and Ana Vivaldi

Sociology 350C: Sociological Theories: Classical and Contemporary Approaches, Dr. Thomas Kemple

Sociology 495 & Anthropology 409: The Immigrant Vancouver Ethnographic Field School, Drs. Sophia Woodman and Felice Wyndham
Sociology 303: Sociology of Migration, Dr. Jennifer Chun

Family Studies 238: Family Resource Management, Dr. Todd Martin
Sociology 200: Sociology of the Family, Dr. Silvia Bartolic

Sociology 312: Gender Relations, Dr. Shelly Ikebuchi Ketchell