Research Interests

Immigration, Ethnic Relations, Nonprofit organizations, Culture, Asian Communities, Research Methods

Research Projects

Currently I am working on several projects:

i) Nonprofit Organizations and Global philanthropy

ii) Ethnic Identities in Hong Kong Films

iii) Ethnic Businesses in Toronto (with Eric Fong)

iv) Asian MSM in Vancouver (with Nadine Nakamura)

Recent Publications


Fong, Eric, Guoqing Li, and Elic Chan. Forthcoming. “Emigration as Family Strategy in Chinese Context: Emigration from Fuqing, China” in Journal of International Migration and Integration

Nakamura, Nadine, Elic Chan, and Benedikt Fischer. 2013. “Hard to Crack: Experiences of community integration among first and second generation Asian MSM in Canada” Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology 19(3): 248-256.

Chan, Elic and Eric Fong. 2012. “Social, Economic and Demographic Characteristics of Korean Self-Employment in Canada” in Koreans in Canada: Perspectives on Migration, Integration and the Family (pp. 115-132), edited by Marianne Noh, Samuel Noh and Ann Kim. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

Fong, Eric and Elic Chan, 2011. “Residential Patterns Among Religious Groups In Canadian Cities.” City and Community 10(4): 393-413.

Fong, Eric, Xingshan Cao, and Elic Chan. 2010. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind?: Patterns of Transnational Contact among Chinese and Indian Immigrants in Toronto.” Sociological Forum 25(3): 428-449.

Fong, Eric and Elic Chan. 2010. “The Effects of Economic Standing, Individual Preferences, and Co-Ethnic Resources on Immigrant Residential Clustering.” International Migration Review 44(1): 111-141.

Winter 2017

SOCI250A Crime and Society - CRIME & SOCIETY Sections

Crime as a social phenomenon, with emphasis on the changing definitions of crime in relation to social and political change in Canadian and other societies. The scope and nature of the crime problem, the growth of criminology as a science and profession, and relationships between components of state criminal justice systems.

Winter 2017

SOCI210A Canadian Social Structure - CAN SOCIAL STRUC Sections

Descriptive and analytic survey of such features as demographic characteristics, class structure, ethnicity, and regional variation in Canadian society as a basis for understanding current social issues.

Winter 2017

SOCI328 Social Statistics I Sections

The testing of sociological theories using quantitative data analysis techniques on numerical data from social surveys, experiments and official statistics. SOCI 328 excludes credit for a number of other statistics courses in various departments. Please consult the Science Credit Exclusion List (,215,410,414) before registering.

Winter 2017

SOCI217A Research Methods - RESEARCH METHODS Sections

Introduction to research designs and methodologies.

Winter 2017

SOCI470A Sociology of Crime and Justice - CRIME & JUSTICE Sections

Critical examination of specific forms of crime and delinquency in relation to the criminal justice system including law, enforcement, and corrections. Issues selected for study will be further scrutinized within the cultural framework of ethics, morality, and social justice.


Ph.D. Sociology, University of Toronto