Research Areas

Anthropology of Nationalism and the State, Post-Colonialism, Development, Globalization, Ethnicity and Conflict, Pacific Islands, Melanesia, Solomon Islands.

Winter 2016

SOCI201A Ethnic Relations - ETHNIC RELATIONS Sections

An introduction to the study of the relations between ethnic groups and of the interplay between ethnicity and other social factors. The course examines such concepts as: ethnicity, racism, prejudice, discrimination, assimilation, and multiculturalism. Ordinarily the course deals with ethnic groups in British Columbia, and students are expected to carry out elementary research projects.

Winter 2016

SOCI302A Ethnic and Racial Inequality - ETHNIC & RACIAL Sections

A critical examination of classical and contemporary theories and research evidence concerning ethnic and racial inequality at the societal and interpersonal levels.

Winter 2016

SOCI301A Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment - DEVELOPMENT Sections

Processes of social change in the Third World and other developing countries. Major themes stress the relationship between urbanization and industrialization; modernization and ethnic conflict; imperialism, neo-colonialism, and foreign aid; and intra-national modernization problems such as regional underdevelopment in industrial societies.


Ph.D. UBC, 2001