Research Interests

Social & Political Values, Sociology of the City, Quantitative Methods, and China

Cary Wu is a doctoral candidate in Sociology and a fellow of the UBC Institute of Asian Research.

He is also an associate at the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (LCSR) at the Higher School of Economics in Russia and a visiting researcher at GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Germany.


Recent Awards

2017  Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Doctoral Fellowship, Taiwan

2017  Canadian Population Society, Best Student Paper Award, Canada

2017  Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, China

2017  The Lee Student Support Fund, Society for the Study of Social Problems, United States

2017   Keast Lion Fund for International Scholars, United States

2016   American Political Science Annual Meeting Travel Grant, United States

2016   Hong Kong-Canada Business Association Scholarship, Canada

2016   Pei-Huang Tung and Tan-Wen Tung Graduate Fellowship, Canada

2016   Sociology Graduate Scholarship, Canada

2015   Patricia Marchak International Research Scholarship in Sociology, Canada

2015   UBC Faculty of Arts Graduate Research Award, Canada

2015   Kurt and Anne Paulus Memorial Scholarship in Sociology, Canada

2015   GESIS Leibniz Research Visiting Scholarship, Germany

2015   High School of Economics Research Visiting Scholarship, Russia

2013   UBC Faculty of Arts 4-year PhD Fellowship, Canada

2012   Fiexiaotong Research Award, China

2010   University of Chicago Research Visiting Scholarship, United States



American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

American Sociological Association (ASA)

Canadian Sociological Association (CSA)

International Sociological Association (ISA)

American Political Science Association (APSA)

Canadian Population Society (CPS)

Society of Study for Social Problem (SSSP)

North America Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA)



Wu, Cary and Rima Wilkes. forthcoming. “Local-national political trust patterns: Why China is an exception.”  International Political Science Review. online first, doi: 0192512116677587.  (Featured in CN Politics)

Wu, Cary and Rima Wilkes. 2017. “International students’ post-graduation migration and the search for home”. Geoforum 80: 123-132. (Featured on CBC Radio, Roundhouse Radio, Fairchild Radio, University Herald, AAAS Global Science News, Mingbao Canada, the Source, UBC News, etc.)

Wilkes, Rima and Cary Wu. 2017. “Minority and trust.” in Uslaner (eds) Oxford Handbook of Social and Political Trust. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Wu, Cary and Rima Wilkes. 2016. “Durable power and generalized trust in everyday social exchange.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (11): 2793-2795.

Wu, Cary. 2015. “Moving from urban sociology to the sociology of the city.” The American Sociologist 47 (1): 102-114.


Work in Progress

Wilkes, Rima and Cary Wu. “Ethnicity, democracy, and trust.” Social Forces (Revise & Resubmit).

Sher, Chloe and Cary Wu. “Community impact and public perception of fracking in rural China”, Journal of Contemporary China (Revise & Resubmit)

Wu, Cary and Rima Wilkes. “A response pattern of political trust”. Journal of International Comparative Sociology (Under Review)

Wu, Cary, Rima Wilkes, Terry Clark, and Dan Silver. “Scale of the City and Scenes”. Urban Studies (Under Review)

Wilkes, Rima, Cary Wu and Richard Carpiano. “Discrimination and trust.” Ethnic and Racial Studies (Under Review).

Wu, Cary, Fu Qiang and Shi Zhilei. “Does migration experience pay off? Returnees, Family Background, and the Self-employment in Rural China.” The China Review (Under Review)

Fu, Qiang, Cary Wu, Heqing Liu, and Shi Zhilei. “Mental health and the urban-rural divide.” Chinese Journal of Sociology (Under Review)


Other Writing

Wu, Cary and Rima Wilkes. 2017. “The stats bear it out: In Quebec, trust is low.” Maclean’s:

Wu, Cary. 2017. One Canada and Three Populations: How Education Explains Trust Inqualities between Immirgants and Natives. Think Sociology Newsletter:

Wu, Cary. 2014. “When ‘home’ isn’t what you think it is.” The Ubyssey:


Publications In Chinese SSCI Journals

吴志明, 马秀莲 & 吴军. (2017). 文化娱乐机器:后工业城市与社区发展路径探索。 东岳论丛, (7), 60-69.

吴志明 & 马秀莲. (2015). 流动的三种文化逻辑: 解读高校毕业生大城市聚集. 中国青年研究, (10), 72-77.

马秀莲 & 吴志明. (2015). 挣扎的底特律:后工业城市复兴的理论,实践与评述. 北京行政学院学报, (4), 1-9.

吴志明 & 马秀莲. (2015). 文化转向: 大学毕业生城市流动的新逻辑. 当代青年研究, (1), 88-93.

吴志明 (2012). 群体社会化理论下流动儿童社会化的三种倾向与乡土回归. 中国青年研究, (6), 19-23.

赖伟军 & 吴志明. (2011). 底层中国的主体性建构: 一个研究评述. 中国农业大学学报: 社会科学版28(3), 19-26.

吴志明 & 赵伦. (2010). 人口流迁与城市化: 理解费孝通与霍华德. 城市发展研究, (9), 13-19.

吴志明 (2010). 通往社会城市之路——霍华德的构想与中国城市的未来. 城市发展研究, (3), 11-16.

Teaching Assistant Positions

SOCI100 Introduction to Sociology

SOC1328 Social Statistics

2015 W

SOCI1328 Social Statistics


SOCI1328 Social Statistics


SOCI1328 Social Statistics

SOCI100 Introduction to Sociology


SOCI1328 Social Statistics

SOCI100 Introduction to Sociology


SOCI1328 Social Statistics

SOCI324 Sociology of the Life Course