Professor (on leave 7/1/2017-6/30/2018)

Social determinants of health, Population health, Social capital, Social networks, Communities, Research methods
phone: 6048223845

Intersections of gender, sexuality, racialization and class; Immigration; Work and trade unions
phone: 6048222541

Girls’ school-based peer cultures, adolescent femininity, critical literacy for youth
phone: 6048223576
Associate Professor

Work and Labour, Inequality, Gender, Economic Sociology, Social Policy, Welfare state restructuring
phone: 6048224837
Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Sexuality and Urban Studies

Cities, Culture, Sexualities, Social Movements
phone: 6048222268

Education, Immigration, Social Inequality
phone: 6048223670
Associate Professor

Culture and markets; inequality; gender; consumption; service work; China.
phone: 6048273135
Associate Professor | Grad Chair

Work and organizations, inequality, discrimination, law and society, legal mobilization, quantitative methods
phone: 6048221934
Associate Professor

Family finances and resource allocation; stress coping; immigration; space exploration and work-family balance
phone: 6048224300

Social and cultural theory; history of the social sciences; sociological founders, classics, and canons; interpretive methods; aesthetic and visual sociology
phone: 6048223579
Associate Professor

Housing; Home; Urban; Family; Immigration; Population; Environment; Health; Methods
phone: 6048273083

Aging and lifecourse; health and society; health and social care services; intersections of formal and informal care
phone: 6048222574

Environment, Social Capital, Climate Change, Resources, Community Resilience, First Nations, Institutions
phone: 6048224386

Colonial Legal History; Critical Theory; Race and Racism; Time and Temporality; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Law and Society in India; Posthumanism
phone: 6048226494

burlesque; sex work; sport and culture; sexuality, law, and GLBT politics; qualitative methods, family
phone: 6048224389
Associate Professor

Race, Ethnicity, and Classification; Immigration; Genetics and Society; Inequality; Research Methods
phone: 6048224845

Sociology of Environment; Social Networks; Social Movements; Perceptions of Climate Change; Media
phone: 6048222363

Social Inequality and Health; Cultural Sociology
phone: 6048224351

Political Sociology; Immigration; Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity; Public Opinion; Trust, Media; Social Movements and Collective Action
phone: 6048226855
Associate Professor

Gender, Inequality, Marriage
phone: 6048223185
Instructor 1

Scholarship of teaching and learning; family and health.
phone: 6048270684
Associate Professor

Institutions, Marriage, Communities, Organizations
phone: 6048221609

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Education; Sexualities

Immigration, Ethnic Relations, Nonprofit organizations, Culture, Asian Communities, Research Methods
Instructor 1 | Undergrad Chair

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Community-Based Experiential Learning
phone: 6048270668
Assistant Professor

Sociology of health and illness; substance use; HIV/AIDS; sociology of economic life; health disparities; research participation
phone: 6048275511
Associate Professor

Social movements; political sociology; social psychology (identity)
Assistant Professor

Urban Studies, Health, Demography, Social Capital, China, Machine Learning, Statistics
Lecturer | Honours Chair

Migration, Ethnic Relations, Social Interaction, Development, Research Methods and the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Assistant Professor

Family, Gender, and Social Demography
Assistant Professor

General Sociological Theory; Mental Health; Suicide; Social Psychology; Emotions; Institutions
Assistant Professor

Family, Inequality, Gender, Sexuality, Qualitative Research Methods, Intersectionality, Social Policy
Professor and Department Head

Population and Development; Migration dynamics; Immigrant Assimilation; Ethnic and Racial Identity; Research and Survey Methodology