Janet Vertesi (Princeton) Speaks at Kaspar Naegele Memorial Lecture (Photo) Pictured left to right: Tom Kemple (former student of Naegele), Lindsey Richardson (Seminar Series co-chair), Bob Anderson (former student), Janet Vertesi (Speaker) and Adam Howe (introduced the speaker)

Prof. Wendy Roth Interviewed by The Source about ways to lessen racial discrimination

Prof. Yue Qian awarded the Hampston Fund Research Grant New Faculty Award at the University of British Columbia

Janet Vertesi (Princeton) March 14: “The Social Life of Spacecraft: Social Organization and Technoscientific Work on NASA’s Robotic Spacecraft Teams” How does social organization affect the conduct and practice of science? To explore this question, Vertesi presents empirical data from a comparative ethnographic study of work on two NASA robotic spacecraft mission teams. While the robots appear to be singular entities operating autonomously in the frontiers of space, decisions about what the robots should do […]

Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (McGill) March 7: “Public-private balance of health care financing & provision: Assessing policy reforms and their impact on social inequalities in health” Tues March 7, 11:00-12:30 (ANSO 134) Abstract: In past decades, growth in health spending exceeded that of the gross domestic product, leading governments (including Canada) to search for alternative financing structures, notably through increases in the share of private expenditures. Yet, we still know relatively little about the processes that led to these policy reforms, […]

Prof. Rima Wilkes on CBC Radio BC Almanac talking about protests at Trump’s hotel in Vancouver

PhD student Cary Wu in the University Herald for his research with Rima Wilkes on the meaning of home for international students

Killam Research Award Winners: Prof. Rima Wilkes and Prof. Wendy Roth Profs. Wilkes and Roth have each received 2016 UBC Killam Research Awards.  Prof. Roth received a Killam Research Fellowship (Junior Category) enabling her to pursue full-time research during a study leave, and Prof. Wilkes received a Killam Research Prize (Senior Category), recognizing her outstanding research and scholarly contributions. The awards will be presented at a […]

Prof. Nathan Lauster in Vancouver’s Metro News On declining population and its relationship to housing in parts of Vancouver

Prof. Rima Wilkes appears in Huffington Post, Vancouver Sun discussing racism in Canada in the aftermath of Trump’s inauguration