Grad Course Listing for 2014/2015 View our grad course listing  for 2014/2015: cities, work, environment, health, culture, stats & more…  

PhD students Kamila Kolpashnikova and Cary Wu Invited to ECUST Shanghai Conference Kamila Kolpashnikova and Cary Wu have been invited to present their research at the Innovation, Development and Harmony: Social Construction and Social Governance conference in Shanghai on October 18-19, 2014. The conference is co-sponsored and co-hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Academic Degrees Office, Graduate School of East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai […]

Reception at the ASA The UBC Department of Sociology hosted a reception at the American Sociological Association 2014 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. With over 150 attendees, it offered a wonderful opportunity for networking, and for our faculty and graduate students to connect with the broader sociological community. Thanks to everyone who joined us and see you again next […]

Amin Ghaziani’s book captures much media attention Below are links for the media buzz surrounding Prof. Ghaziani’s new book, “There Goes the Gayborhood?”   “Dwindling Gaybourhoods: Author Amin Ghaziani Looks Into the Future of North American Gay Villages,” by Matthew Dimera. Xtra! Vancouver, September 11-24, 2014.   “America’s Gay Enclaves are ‘De-Gaying’ and ‘Straightening’,” radio interview with Michelangelo Signorile. The Gist: The […]

Prof. Amin Ghaziani’s op-ed “Where Did the ‘Gay’ in ‘Gay Pride’ Go?” In this essay, Prof. Ghaziani explores what it means to make a rhetorical move against articulating gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer identities. View article.

Prof. Wendy Roth’s book receives Honorable Mention from SSSP Race Migrations: Latinos and the Cultural Transformation of Race, by Wendy Roth has received an Honorable Mention for the Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Outstanding Book Award given by the Division on Racial and Ethnic Minorities (DREM) of the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP). According to the selection committee, “The selection of your book as […]

Prof. Becki Ross’s op-ed “Sex workers seek apology, redress” In this op-ed, Becki Ross and Jamie Lee Hamilton write on how dehumanizing domestic terrorism of 30 years ago is a wrong that must be righted. See link and search for title to view op-ed.

Prof. Amin Ghaziani’s op-ed “Are Gay Neighborhoods An Endangered Species?” In this essay, Prof. Ghaziani wrestles with changes that we are witnessing in gay neighborhoods across the United States. Are these urban areas passé? Are they worth saving? Are these even the right questions to ask?

Professors Sylvia Fuller and Beth Hirsh secure SSHRCC Grant to study workplace challenges for mothers Most mothers in Canada work outside the home, but gendered norms of parenting and employment continue to work to their career disadvantage. Why is this so? Does the kind of organization in which mothers are employed matter? How exactly do differences in organizational practices and structures affect whether and how motherhood limits career opportunities? For […]