Prof Lindsey Richardson and Post-Doc Jenna van Draanen in The Province discussing how addressing the overdose crisis means addressing systemic socio-economic issues that increase overdose risk

Prof. Rima Wilkes in Science Magazine: talking about what career items are on her holiday wish list. Wilkes hopes that “everyone could have that exciting ‘aha’ feeling of discovery that, in my opinion, is the most wonderful part of our job.”

Prof. Phyllis Johnson in the Globe & Mail talking about the culture that develops around living aboard the International Space Station

Prof. Phyllis Johnson featured on CBC News in an article devoted to her project on “At Home in Space”

Prof. Nathan Lauster in the Vancouver Sun talking with Randy Shore about multigenerational households

Prof. Rima Wilkes in Science Magazine referencing the colonial origins of Thanksgiving

Prof. Nathan Lauster sees his shadow on National Housing Day Discussing new national policy and right to housing in The Tyee and new City of Vancouver housing policy in The Vancouver Sun. See also his earlier commentary on “The Housing Supply Myth” in The Globe & Mail and a follow-up piece in Vancouver’s Metro News.

Prof. Nathan Lauster in the Vancouver Sun discussing rents in Vancouver in global comparison

Prof. Neil Guppy talks to Globe and Mail about the shelving of UBC’s proposed new freedom of expression statement: “UBC shelves new freedom of expression statement.”