Howard Ramos (Dalhousie) April 4th: “Racialization and Representation in Canadian Universities” Despite years of Employment Equity policies and an increasingly racially diverse population, universities across Canada do not reflect the diversity of the broader population. Using Census data the extent of the gap of representation of racialized faculty is examined over time. Representation is probed further with an original survey of eight Canadian universities looking at […]

UBC’s Cary Wu and Prof. Rima Wilkes co-author response article in Maclean’s verifying that overall levels of trust are lower in Quebec than in the rest of Canada

Prof. Richard Carpiano in Vancouver Magazine discussing how to make cities healthy environments for people

Undergraduate students in Professor Amin Ghaziani’s Sexualities class (Soci 369) publish an op-ed on all-gender washrooms. The contemporary public debate surrounding transgender and gender non-binary individuals using washrooms is a highly contested point of public policy.

Research by Prof. Yue Qian featured in Global Times article about the importance of “hukou” as a factor in Shanghai marriages

Prof. Nathan Lauster interviewed by CityLab on laneway housing and secondary suites in Vancouver

Prof. Sean Lauer receives Angus Reid Applied Sociology Award, 2017 This award, presented by the Canadian Sociological Association, recognizes sociologists who undertake community action projects that bring social science knowledge, methods, and expertise to bear in addressing community-identified issues and concerns. This award celebrates a Sociologist’s contribution to sociological practice that has served as a model for working with a community, organization or public service. […]

Prof. Yue Qian’s recently published research on geographic constraints on marriage patterns in China in EurekAlert (AAAS) science news! The research, co-authored with Zhenchao Qian and published in the Chinese Sociological Review, emphasizes the important and understudied relationship between birthplace, as recorded in China’s hukou system, education, and marriage choice.

Janet Vertesi (Princeton) Speaks at Kaspar Naegele Memorial Lecture (Photo) Pictured left to right: Tom Kemple (former student of Naegele), Lindsey Richardson (Seminar Series co-chair), Bob Anderson (former student), Janet Vertesi (Speaker) and Adam Howe (introduced the speaker)

Prof. Wendy Roth Interviewed by The Source about ways to lessen racial discrimination